Its not supposed to be pretty its just a list of links to resources on our site. Having lived and operated charters from the BVI for 20 years we have first hand experience pertaining to every thing BVI. We have a wealth of information for both crewed charter guests and for those planning your own trip aboard a bare boat.

We have a large FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS pages for both crewed charters and bare boats.

We have pages on ANCHORAGES around the island chain.

We have pages on SCUBA DIVING, We specialized in Scuba charters, here we list dive sites some of the lesser known with GPS marks. Many of the sites are very rarely dove by the scuba shops.

My husband is also an avid fisherman. You will find more information on FISHING in the BVI than anywhere else on the web.


Frequently asked yacht charter questions

Frequently asked bare boating questions


All inclusive crewed charters.

Cabin only and Themed charters.


Tips on anchoring your bare boat.

How to pick up a mooring like a pro.

How to Stern to or Med moor.


Background and FISHING LICENSES.

Trolling for fish in the BVI.

Bottom fishing in the BVI.

Tarpon fishing in the Virgin Islands

Eating your fish in the Virgin Islands. Bait and tackle.

A list of which fish have ciguatera risk in the Virgin Islands.


Casual SCUBA diving while on charter.

Rendezvous diving.

Dedicated dive charter boats.

The Rhone and Blond rock.

History of the Rhone. What went wrong!

The Chikuzen,Invisibles,Tow Rock and Mercuios rock.

History of the Chikuzen.

Muskmelon bay and Grand Central Station.

Thatch island drift and West end night dive.

History of the rocus

Sailboat contessa of peter island.


Necker, Prickly Pear islands and Eustatia sound.

Thatch islands and Dead Chest island.

The dogs,Marina cay and Guana islands

Ginger island and Fallen Juruselem.

Anegada part 1.

Anegada part 2 and Conch mountain.

Salt island -its history.

Salt Island

Peter island- Great harbor and deadmans bay.

Peter island-little harbor-white bay -cay cay

Peter Island- a history lesson.

Jost Van Dyke- great and little harbors-bubbly pool.

Jost Van Dyke- White bay.

Soggy dollar bar and painkillers.

Cooper island.

Norman island-the Caves.

Norman island -the Bight,The Indians and 7 other anchorages

Virgin Gorda-the Baths-Spanish town-Mountain pt and Savannah bay

Virgin Gorda-North Sound-Bitter End-Leverick Bay-Saba Rock


All these and hundreds more pages of information are freely available on our site. Go to blog and links are listed down the right side of the pages.


OK I fibbed there are two pictures of me doing what I love most!

Kerry with her camera.


About me- Kerry Hucul.

I personally ran a 10 passenger charter yacht in the British Virgin Islands and up and down the Caribbean chain for 20 years and did over 500 charters. This coupled with the fact that I have personally stepped  aboard each of the several hundred yachts that I represent  and inspected the vessel as well as  quizzed the crews makes my help to you unconditionally qualified to be up to date, informed and independently unbiased. Many in our industry simply rely on information that they have gotten from either the internet or from our other “trade” sources about each boat. Many have ties to particular fleets so will push them even if they do not really match your requirements that well.   I am here for the express purpose of finding the correct match for you and your family’s needs. What I tell or show you is what I have recently seen or personally photographed myself.  I do not rely upon information and pictures from 5 year old brochures.  Our service is completely free to you and there is absolutely no obligations to book through us.

All brokers have the same prices, that’s how the industry works, Your decision on which broker to use should be based upon what the broker can do for you!

The process of planing and getting to your vacation should be as smooth as the waters you’re  dreaming of  sailing upon.

Please let me help make your vacation  the vacation of a lifetime. Either filling out an on line inquiry  form, start a chat below or give us a call and we will get you started in the right direction.

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