Dedicated Dive Charters.

Scuba diving while on charter-Dedicated dive charter boat.

A dive charter boat can take you to more remote sites..

If you are looking for a scuba diving vacation package with a mix of dedicated divers and non divers in your group, then this is probably the right choice for you.

These boats are usually boats that do a mixture of non diving charters but have the ability to do dedicated diving charters.

These boats are usually equipped with several sets of tanks per person, have air compressors on board, have rental gear and have an instructor on board.

These boats will steer your charter vacation around getting in some good diving. The norm on these boats are 2 or 3 dives per day with 1 or 2 night dives offered. With 3 dives per day you are still going to be mostly diving, eating or sleeping with some time for other activities. If you plan on 2 dives per day plus a couple of night dives you will have a much more relaxed vacation.

How Dedicated Dive Charters Work

On a dedicated dive charter you would normally have breakfast then go off to a dive site for a dip. After your dive the boat will usually move to somewhere more comfortable for an early lunch.

Once lunch is done with then its off for another dive. After this dive its off to a pretty anchorage for afternoon snorkeling, beach time or maybe some wake boarding. A couple of afternoon anchorages may be at a site for an evenings night dive.

Usually the boats stay overnight at the night dive site, or dive the next mornings. If you are certified many operator are ok with you jumping in for a non guided, pre breakfast dive as well.

Advantage to this type of charter

These dedicated dive charter boats will often dive the less traveled path, giving you better dive sites than the local dive store can. This is because with a week to play with they can work there way to more remote sites. The dive shops are more restricted by the time/ distance factor.

This type of vacation can be tailored on the fly to suit the group. If you are hung over in the morning then perhaps you would rather do 2 dives in the afternoon, or perhaps you would prefer to take the non divers to the beach and do only 1 dive that day.

photo of Scuba diving while on charter-Dedicated dive charter boat.
A new young diver on his first resort dive.

Because a dedicated dive charter vacation is usually on smaller boats than the dive live aboard’s, your party is generally the exclusive guests. This means that you can drive the days agenda.

Many dive sites are also conducive to snorkeling. The snorkelers can watch the divers in action from the surface. These boats can usually do Discover scuba dives or resort dives. for the non certified guests. These are a short education session, after which you are set up with dive gear and get to go diving. There are restrictions on depth etc, but its the perfect way experience scuba diving. Many will go home after a resort course and get there scuba certification.

Educational Courses

These boats can also usually offer dive education courses. Most captains would prefer that you do the school work online before you come, then when you get to the boat you do the in water education. Even better is diver referral. This is where you go to your local dive shop and do the school part as well as the pool part of the course, then your instructor signs off on what you have achieved. Then when you get to your vacation you only have 4 dives to do before your certified.

On vacation aboard your charter boat is not a good place to do the schooling part of the course as it takes some time and concentration. It’s hard to do this if the rest of your party is off water skiing or slurping a rum punch.

This also applies to the pool part which is where you learn the basics, It can be time consuming for some.
If there are already divers in your party then they may have to miss out on some of the instructors time in order for him/her to do class or pool work.

The 4 water dives though can be combined with scuba dives that the rest are already doing, with just a small portion of the instructors time. The dedicated dive charter boats can be anywhere from a 2 passenger only boat. Or can take up to a party of 20.

This is the type of charter vessel we ran for nearly 20 years in the BVI. We know the requirements better than any other charter broker out there. We ran many specialized trips including underwater photography courses led by well known National Geographic photographers as well as research trips for marine biologists, and university based trips. We can tailor make a charter for your group based around anything to do with diving. We can insist that captains take you to some of the places that no one but us ever dove.