Casual diving charters.

photo of Scuba diving while on charter-casual diving.

Casual diving charters are offered by the majority of charter yachts. These charter boats have diving gear on board, usually a dive master and sometimes a dive instructor and offer between 3 and 6 dives per week. They often do not have compressors on board and often only 1 tank per guest.

This means that between dives the boat must find air fills. This is sometimes done while you are doing another activity like snorkeling or enjoying a beach bar.

Often though it means the yacht will need to detour while traveling between anchorages to have tanks filled. These boats rarely offer night diving. This type of charter is ok for the mixed groups. The trips ashore for air fills can be a time for some shopping or taking in the local ambiance.

If you are looking to just get in a few dives then casual diving is for you, you can also take a boat that does dedicated dive charters as well. Just because they are able to cope with dedicated diving does not mean that they do not do casual diving.

Rendezvous diving.

This type of diving is for the person who may only want a dive or two in a week and has found the perfect boat that they want to charter, but does not have dive facilities. This is also a good option for those who have rented a bare boat to drive themselves, want to do a dive or two, but do not want to rent the gear and go themselves.

Rendezvous diving is where you call up one of the local dive shops and arrange for them to take you out for a dive. This can either be that they come out to your boat and pick you up, take you to the dive site then return you to your boat.

If you have either a crew on board or your designated captain if on a bare boat is not going to dive, then your boat can go off and do something else while you go off diving. You can often arrange to be dropped off in a different spot to where you were picked up.

The other alternative is that often the dive shop boat will meet your boat at the dive site then pull up alongside and raft to your boat. This way the non divers can see what goes on. At many dive sites it’s possible then for the non divers to snorkel above the divers and watch them in the water.

Bareboat and rent gear.

If you are bare boating and want to dive the there is the option of renting gear and going it alone. This is a perfectly viable option, however there is always something to be said for local knowledge.
The people who dive the sites on a regular basis know the lay of the land, they know where the octopus lives, the eels hiding spot and where the lobster can usually be seen.

photo of Scuba diving while on charter-casual diving.Rental gear is available wherever Bare Boats are available we can give you links so everything can be pr organized.

All gear including compressors can be rented, You can usually have it all delivered to your boat at the same time as you board. Many times you can get them to sit down with you for a half hour and give you some ideas. Many areas have dedicated dive moorings installed at the dive sites which makes finding the sites easier.

Bringing your own gear.

Less and less people are bringing there own gear these days, Because of the hefty baggage charges and also the hassle factor of dragging around a large dive bag, it often seems easier to rent gear for casual diving.

If you have a mask, reg and dive computer, do not leave them at home as these items are somewhat of a personal nature. Nothing will make you more mad than if you have your favorite mask at home and all the ones you try on the boat don’t quite fit right. I have a large nose and a flat forehead (think neanderthal) so I know all about it.

If you are bringing regs and computers, do not check them as they have been known to not be in dive bags when they reach there destination especially if you transfer through Puerto Rico!  If you are bringing a pony bottle including spare air, if detected by airline staff or customs, they will require that the valve is removed so they can see inside the bottle. If the valve is on the bottle they may confiscate it!