Why is rendezvous diving so popular?

Batfish seen while rendezvous diving in the British Virgin Islands
The hard to spot batfish.

Rendezvous Diving is a form of SCUBA diving that is extremely popular in the British Virgin Islands, with both Bareboaters and Crewed charter yacht guests that are on vessels that do not have dive gear aboard.

This form of diving is a hybrid that came about because of the huge numbers of charter vessels that are based in the BVI.

Many of the larger crewed yachts, have dive gear and dive masters or instructors on board. This makes them self sufficient but for the remaining boats.

This spawned rendezvous diving. The dive shops stepped up and created the “we will meet you on site” or the “we will pick you up directly from your yacht” style of diving.

Basically you call up the dive shop and make plans for a rendezvous dive. You may arrange for this to be with you and your group exclusively or it may be as a mixed group, with other divers as well.
Once a plan has been hatched, The dive boat meets up with your boat either at the pre selected dive site, or at some other pre selected calm anchorage close to the dive site.

Your party board the dive boat and are taken off for a one or two tank dive. The dive boat has everything on board that you need for the dive. After the dive, your dive master drives you back to your yacht. Your yacht may be in a different anchorage to that in which you boarded the dive boat as long as this is pre arranged.
This is a great way to get a few dives, if you are only for a couple of days of diving during your charter vacation.
It is also a great option if there are only a couple on your boat that want to dive on your charter.

Additional Information

We Be Diving dive boat adventurer
We Be Diving take guests rendezvous diving the RMS Rhone.

Rendezvous diving is also a great way to rent some gear and get the first couple of dives in with the guidance of a dive master while you get accustomed to your rental gear.

A great suggestion if you are confident enough to go it alone is do your first 2 tank dives with your dive gear rental company as rendezvous dives.

Have the dive masters guidance getting familiar with the dive gear and then you could pick his brains on some other places he would recommend you dive alone, based upon what he has observed your skill level to be.

He could bring an extra 2 sets of tanks with him and when he drops you back off at your yacht he could leave you with the rental gear and the full tanks.

If upon talking with your dive master, you decide that there is also another site you would like to do later in the week, as a rendezvous to get the guidance of his local knowledge, You could also get him to bring some extra tanks to swap out your empties.
There are also many dive stores in the BVI that you can get your empties filled. You do not have to have them filled at the store you rented them from.

We be diving
We be Diving Tortola is a classy rendezvous diving company.

My personal favorite dive store WE BE Diving is right in the middle of road town at the Village Cay marina. Their store is just by the marina office.

They offer rental gear, rendezvous diving and diving from the dive store. They will deliver gear to your boat and specialize in smaller groups rather than the larger boats that may have you dive with a crowd. They can be contacted by either email or phone.

Contact us for more information or booking 🙂