Experience the Thrill of an H2O Scuba Diving Adventure!

Scuba diving Vacation

SCUBA diving in the Caribbean is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. If you’re looking to explore the reefs, wrecks and sea life of these beautiful and pristine waters you’re in for a treat.

H2O luxury yachts is proud to offer an outstanding fleet of SCUBA diving charter boats to satisfy your drive to dive. Whether you want to add a day of casual SCUBA diving to a luxury sailing vacation or dive every day from your dedicated dive boat, we have the right boats, sites and experienced dive specialists to meet your needs.

What you can expect from a dedicated H2O SCUBA diving Charter

If SCUBA diving every day is your idea of the ideal Caribbean or Mediterranean vacation, then you’ll love a dedicated H2O SCUBA diving charter boat.

Your dive boat will include one or more certified Dive Master or Instructors experienced in exploring the underwater nooks and crannies of the Caribbean waters. They’ll know where to go to avoid the crowds and ensure a safe and memorable casual diving experience.

All your gear is generally provided for you, so there’s no need to pay high airline baggage fees to bring your own. Some boats will have a compressor on board for seamless refills. Others will arrange tank fills at your convenience.

Onboard meals, bar and everything else you’ll need during your time aboard your dive boat also will be provided. Your divemaster will discuss your itinerary with you to ensure you see everything you want to see under the water and on shore, safely and comfortably.

Scuba yacht One Love

H2O luxury yachts offer a range of SCUBA diving opportunities.

If you are certified we can help you choose a yacht that either allows you to SCUBA with a buddy or with the yachts Divemaster or Instructor.
If you are not certified may H2O luxury yachts have a SCUBA Instructor on board and there are different options for getting certified.
If you want to do an Open Water Referral where you do your pool and online coursework for either PADI or NAUI or others at home before you come, the SCUBA Instructor onboard can complete your 5 open water check out dives and issue you your certification card.
If you have never attempted SCUBA or perhaps done a resort course on a prior vacation a short onboard course will allow you to SCUBA directly with the Instructor on board your luxury yacht.

Looking down from the wreck of the Chikuzen in the british virgin islands.

If your yacht does not offer SCUBA we can arrange for a local SCUBA company to pick you up at your yacht while it is anchored in a tranquil bay and whisk you away to SCUBA dive while the others frolic in a calm anchorage and then bring you back afterward.

H2O Yachts has team members who are fully qualified SCUBA Instructors with thousands of SCUBA dives under their weight belts so to speak and are happy to help arrange the right choice for your situation.

The pleasure of suiting up on your own personal yacht and jumping off the back deck cannot be beaten.

What you can Expect from a Scheduled H2O Rendezvous Diving Excursion

If you’re planning a luxury sailing or super motor yacht vacation and want to add a day or more of casual SCUBA diving to your itinerary, an H2O rendezvous diving excursion is what you need.

Your Captain and ourselves will work with you to select the right day, time and location for the SCUBA diving adventure you desire. Whether you’re new to diving or you’re a Master Diver, we’ll match you with the right dive boat and divemaster to ensure your satisfaction.

The Caribbean and South Pacific offer some of the most breathtaking dive scenery in the world. With waters flush with turtles, rays, colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs, you are in for the SCUBA diving adventure of a lifetime.

The Rhone, BVI SCUBA diving Vacation

Booking your H2O SCUBA Diving Vacation

If you’re planning a casual SCUBA diving adventure we are ready to assist you. Click here to browse our fleet of SCUBA diving charter boats. If you have questions, simply contact us for assistance. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to help you plan your perfect SCUBA diving adventure.