Fishing Charters.

We have organized many fishing charters based solely around  fishing. Anything from just making sure the charter yacht has gear and knows how to fish, to a week of charter based strictly on fishing. Whether that be just the boys on the back deck all week long or guided salt water fly fishing for Tarpon and Bone Fish or deep water sports fishing for Marlin,Wahoo Dolphin and Tuna.

Wahoo trolled up right off the back of the yacht.

Perhaps you are wanting to take out a bare boat yourself and do a little fishing or still bareboat and do a serious fishing charter. Depending upon where you go, some boats work better than others. Many will head straight to the British Virgin Islands because of the huge variety of boats available and the absolute ease of renting one, the ease of navigation and plethora of overnight anchorages that have great fishing right off the back of the boat. I cant disagree with this plan,  If however your intending to troll out off the deep water drops for the larger game fish then a sail yacht is not such a great choice. Yes you ‘can’ catch anything off the back of a sailboat that you can catch off the back of a power yacht, however many sail boats have trouble maintaining the speed required for these deep water speedsters even under power.  In the virgin islands the famous north drop can be reached by both power and sail vessels, however the distance (between 10 and 20 miles depending upon where you start) means a lot of traveling for a shorter day out on the drop is going by slower sailing yacht. If you intend to fish in BVI waters then fishing licenses are required by everyone fishing while on a boat if 18 years old or over.

The boat also has to hold a commercial fishing registration with the department of conservation and fisheries. This is not something you can do, the boat owner has to already have this in place before you charter. Not all, in fact not many of the bare boats do hold this registration, many see it as an extra cost with a large amount of frustration to make just a few customers happy. There are still plenty  that do, We know who does and we will make sure that any boat that we book you on does have the correct registrations so that you will be fully legal. We can also get fishing licenses for everyone before you arrive so that you do not need to waste a half day dealing with government formalities before you get to wet a line.   A fishing license is not required to fish from land though.


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For those who are not into the do it yourself type of thing we can organize trips on sports fish boats or on regular charter vessels and even take on a local guide to get you to the best spots. We can organize groups of fishermen as well, if your interested in a week in a more exotic destination than your local jetty but do not have enough people to fill a charter, then we can help put together a group.

You let us know where and when your thinking about and then we reach out in our network to others who may be interested. We then give you all each others contact info and you chat to see if your ideas of the perfect fishing vacation are a match. Then we can fit the boat to your requirements, organize guides or book add on day trips that will make your week a vacation of a lifetime. This is a great way to have this type of adventure while sharing the costs over a group, making it a much more viable trip than many could otherwise afford. Divers have been doing this for years, it has however not been offered to fishermen.


Tarpon in deep water right of the back during your overnight anchorage.

A week in the Caribbean you will see literally hundreds of these off the back deck at night. Only the patient and clever fisherman will land one though. When you have someone in the know guide you though, a couple landed every night is the norm.

horse eye jack

Another regular night time visitor to the back of the boat.


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Sharks are amazing, you can catch them, hoist them up on the back deck, take some pictures, drop them back in the water and re hook the same one 3 minutes later.

These guys are like the plague in the Virgin Islands, You catch more than you ever want to while trolling, the first few on light line are fun but you soon see them as a nuisance, well unless of course its a 5 footer.


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If you have any interest in either chartering a yacht and doing some fishing or going on a serious fishing charter then please use our experience to your advantage.