JackBottom Fishing BVI

Bottom fishing can be productive, however, any reef fish caught within certain areas of the channel or its anchorages should not be consumed due to the risk of ciguatera.

Almost any sort of cut bait will work, as will live baits. Yellowtail snappers ands jacks are very common catches. Small live baits at night time will score horse eyed jacks.

If at night you hear fish jumping just outside of the area illuminated by the lights of your boat, It’s probably horse eyes.Either bottom fishing with baits or they will attack bib type lures cast out beyond the light and cranked home fast.

Larger live baits that are suspended 15 feet below a floating balloon, can give some fun with Caribbean reef sharks. Large sloppy dead bait on the bottom will get you nurse sharks. Any of the deeper anchorages will work.

2 Bottom fishing in the British Virgin Islands.Great catch!

Small cut baits or small live baits while bottom fishing in north sound at night will often produce baby black tip sharks, up to about 2 feet in length. If you’re intending to try for the Reef sharks, then be sure to anchor a long way from any other boats, moorings or other in water snags.

When you hook one they will take several hundred yards of line on their first run before you can stop them. Then once you have stopped them, you will not be able to turn them for some time.

This means that they will be circling your boat at several hundred yards out. If there is anything out there that your line can touch its instant twang!

2 very good places for larger shark fishing at night is anchored in 40 or 50 feet of water at Mountain Point Virgin Gorda and anchored in 70 plus feet a few hundred yards out from the caves on Norman Island out towards Angelfish reef.

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