Wreck of Contessa Wreck of Contessa

shipwrecks of the bvi- s/v contessa

Wreck of Contessa

We don’t know too much about this shipwreck, just having spotted it out diving one day.I hope to get out there again and take a few pictures to put up here.**Update Jan 7th, 2008. I finally made it back to dive this wreck. It is a sailboat, not a motor yacht, and was from Annapolis. It obviously burnt somewhere as the carriage top is totally gone and lots of black soot.

We surmise that they towed it here to sink, as all the barrels would have kept it floating until they holed the barrels. This is a yacht approx 80-90 feet long which is sitting on the reef outside Great Harbor, Peter Island. We originally thought that she had been sunk as an artificial reef as there were many barrels and drums around her, but as she is laying on the reef, we don’t think so.

The wreck lays in about 40-60 feet of water, hanging off the reef. The reef/wall goes down to about 90 feet. The reef is quite pretty here. If you anchor on our GPS spot and your boat is hanging down the channel, then when you go under swim down the channel about 100 feet and you should come across it.

If you are anchoring a large boat there, you will have to anchor off the wall in about 80-90 feet of water. The GPS coordinates for this wreck are 18*21.545′ and 64*35.716′. We would love to know more information about this wreck!


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