Small Catamaran 4 guests Virgin Islands

 Small Catamaran 4 guests Virgin Islands – Entheos is a wondeful 42′ catamaran for a small group!

Entheos yacht only takes 4 guests and one will be in an owners suite. They offer snorkeling, fishing, beach games, swimming or just enjoying a cold cocktail on the deck!

Entheos Crewed Catamaran

Small Catamaran Virgin Islands, Entheos at anchor
Small Catamaran Virgin Islands, Entheos at anchor

I had the pleasure of being on board Entheos in November of 2016 and May of 2017 in the Virgin Islands. It is always a pleasure to see their smiling faces. Besides the standard toys on board like Kayak and snorkeling gear, you can always use the 2 Paddle boards, 4 Noodle float chairs, 2 Oval net floating mats,  Floating mat solid,  Ukulele, Gym equipment,  6m Speed Foil kite , or 2m Speed Foil Kites.

Small Catamaran 4 guests Virgin Islands

“Captain Barend (Bertie!) Chapman originally from Cape Town South Africa, graduated from university of UJ as a Engineering Metallurgist and later obtained his Production Management Diploma. He worked for De Beers in the Synthetic Diamond Division for some thirty years. He sailed, snorkeled and deep sea fished from off the Mozambican coast, Sodwana Bay and St Lucia coast of Natal South Africa, Port Alfred Eastern Cape and the whole of Western Cape. For the past Six years him and First Mate Teresa pursued their dream of owning their own Yacht and becoming full time sailors. Their Circumnavigation started in December 2014 when they took part in a Governors Cup Yacht Race from Cape Town to St Helena. They cruised Brazil’s coastline for six months, French Guyana river water ways and coastline for Five months and Grenada and Caribbean for the past Seven Months. They fell in love with US and British Virgin Islands and decided to stay.

Small Catamaran 4 guests Virgin Islands Entheos, 40' 2008 Fortuna Catamaran for 4 guests, Berties and Teresa your crew
Small Catamaran 4 guests Virgin Islands Entheos, 40′ 2008 Fortuna Catamaran for 4 guests, Berties and Teresa your crew

First Mate Teresa Chapman, a Customer Service professional from Cape Town South Africa who shared Baren’s dream can not wait to welcome you on board Entheos. She loves to entertain and to prepare meals to each and every person’s satisfaction. Her motto is to make you feel special, relaxed and to share the beauty that the British and US Virgin Islands have to offer.”

Bertie and Teresa love making up cocktails on board and some you may find during your week are a Paint Brush- made with Nambucca and the intriguingly named Chocolate Cake (sounds like I would like it!) and White Lady.
They are fine with special diets (with advance notice) and they have a special love of Brazilian Cuisine.

This yacht is good for a small family, or even a couple for a honeymoon charter with very reasonable rates. One thing to note with Entheos Catamaran, is they DO NOT have air conditioning on board.

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Fully Crewed and Inclusive 7 night charters are available with pick up and drop off at Red Hook on the island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. An easy island to get great airline flights into. You will cruise on the yacht to the British Virgin Islands.

2 passengers are $7400 for the entire yacht. 4 passengers is $9400 for the entire yacht. 

Xmas and New Years week are STILL open for 2017 and the yacht has a flat rate of $9900 for either week.
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Thank you Bertie and Teresa! These owner operators are very hospitable on board. If you are looking for a couple with interesting stories to tell and good conversationlists you will be very happy. I had their New Years charter on board in December of 2016, and have included their review of their trip here.

Small Catamaran 4 guests Entheos Catamaran, charter review
Small Catamaran 4 guests Entheos Catamaran, charter review

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I personally ran a 10 passenger charter yacht in the British Virgin Islands for 20 years and did over 500 charters. This coupled with the fact that I have personally stepped  aboard each of the several hundred yachts that I represent  and inspected the vessel as well as  quizzed the crews makes my help to you unconditionally qualified to be up to date, informed and unbiased. Many in our industry simply rely on information that they have gotten from either the internet or from our other “trade” sources. I am here for the express purpose of finding the correct match for you and your family’s needs. What I tell or show you is what I have recently seen or personally photographed myself. I do not rely upon information and pictures from 5 year old brochures.  Our service is completely free to you and there is absolutely no obligations to book through us. Please let me help make your vacation the vacation of a lifetime, after all, yachting IS our world.

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Small Catamaran 4 guests Virgin Islands Entheos, Happy charter guests
Small Catamaran 4 guests Virgin Islands Entheos, Happy charter guests