Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran KNOT ANCHORED

*Updated crew info below*

Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored is super flexible , super casual, super fun with a friendly crew who love to show you the islands on an all inclusive or captain only  catamaran charter. 20% Discount for any full week charter taking place before 15th December 2017 🙂

Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran KNOT ANCHORED is a 2009 Robertson and Caine Model for up to 6 guests with floor level beds and separate heads for each cabin with two licenses Captains Jannas and Carolina on board who offer who also can offer Captain Only Charters in addition to fully crewed charters.


If a casual charter for up to 6 guests with a crew that is passionate and enthusiastic for fun and high energy sounds great then Knot Anchored could be the yacht for you. Jannas and Carolina describe themselves as Super flexible, super casual and fun who like guests who make themselves at home. They have loved each and every one of the charter guests so far and organize activities such as cocktail making competitions, surfing, and instigators for water sports. The crew and yacht have a nice organic, natural energy.

Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Saloon
Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Saloon

Musical instruments such as drum, 2 guitars and a flute will make those cocktail making competitions fun! You can sit in the 10 person party float in the water, complete with cooler and listen to music pumped up from their numerous speakers throughout the yacht with bluetooth capabilities.

Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored- your crew Jannas and Carolina

Captain Jannas is a very passionate person, with a soft yet confident nature & highly adaptable. He loves sharing experiences in the great outdoors with good company and making sure everyone is having way too much fun. Jannas is also an open-hearted, humorous, people-loving, coffee-geek adventurer from South Africa. Never fear, Jannas is here, and if there is any sport you want to try, he’ll get you out there, from surfing & kite-boarding specialized holidays, to hiking trails, swims and snorkeling, fishing and of course for other advanced sporty-types, bar hopping and seeing the local sights. His strong technical background, from robotic automation to Yachtmaster is an asset on the boat, which translates into a safe & comfortable ride with nothing to worry about. He is equally enthusiastic & involved with your culinary experience as the chef! His experimental cooking style always makes for a lot fun around the table & his Braai-master (bbq) skills are the best and no steak will be left unturned.

Virgin Islands Inclusive Catamaran Knot Anchored crew, Jannas and Carolina
Virgin Islands Inclusive Catamaran Knot Anchored crew, Jannas and Carolina

Chef Carolina is a blend from sunny South Africa & Argentina and is the life and light wherever she finds herself, she feeds your soul with her warm character and takes your taste buds on a blended culinary experience incorporating ideas from all over the world through her travels. A soon-to-be Nutritionist, she gets great joy from guests’ appreciation of the food which inspires her even more. Carolina has been to places and embarked on adventures that most people would never dream of doing, she inspires a sense of adventure in almost every person in her life, all the while feeling completely cared for in her hands. Sailing the world’s oceans for 10 years, playing guitar, creating food, learning about the world, going on expeditions speaking dog, cat, fish, Spanish, Portuguese and Afrikaans, surfing, rock climbing swimming and yoga is only a fraction of what she has mastered.

Jannas and Carolina are ready to welcome you aboard and introduce you to this easy-going way of life in the Caribbean Sunshine, nothing less than just Ama-Zing (African for amazing). Everybody is welcome to chill out, relax, kick back & sip on that special drink to the beat of a different rhythm. So, get ready to be Knot-Anchored.

New Crew!

Knot Anchored crew
Knot Anchored crew

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Knot Anchored catamaran can accommodate up to 6 guests on a 2009 Robertson And Caine Model.

7 night fully crewed and inclusive charters (except crew gratuity) range from $12750 to $14750 depending on the number of guests

Or, you can choose a Captain Only charter for $9000 plus all expenses, and take care of the crewing and meals yourself for an ultimate casual charter.

They include a beach BBQ of lobster at Anegada (weather permitting to get there!)

Knot Anchored Catamaran is open for Xmas week at regular rates, and they are open for New Years still with a 10% surcharge on the rates.
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Knot Anchored Charter Yacht
Knot Anchored Charter Yacht

I visited this yacht and met the crew in the British Virgin Islands in May of 2017. Thank you for having me on board!
I think this is a great choice for a group who is casual and wants a fun crew with a ton of enthusiasm, who speak several languages including Spanish and Portugese. This crew and yacht is happy to travel to other spots then the Virgin Islands if you want, depending on schedule and repositioning fee

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