Set Sail In The Caribbean With 48′ Privilege Yacht Belline II!

Set Sail on another SCUBA catamaran I visited at the May 2017 British Virgin Islands yacht show! Belline II is known for casual, budget, great fun charters. They have a love of out of the way deserted islands in the Caribbean with tons of watersports and a very smiling and friendly yacht captain Arlette who started going out on Belline II when she was a small child and now is the Captain. THAT is job training.

set sail with Belline Catamaran 1991 48' Privilege for 8 guests...a mood shot in the rain and twilight hours in the Virgin Islands
Belline Catamaran 1991 48′ Privilege for 8 guests…a mood shot in the rain and twilight hours in the Virgin Islands

Set Sail with Accommodations On Yacht Belline II!

Four double cabins offer our guests private and comfortable accommodation. Each cabin has a queen-size bed, complete inventory of towels, bookshelves and fans, and ample storage space.

Private en suite head and shower with hot and cold water, hair dryers,towels and soaps are provided on board Belline II

Icemaker, internet, fishing (not in the British Virgin Islands), Water Ski, Wake Board, Kite Boarding!

Set sail with the crew of yacht Belline II

Belline Catamaran 1991 48' Privilege for 8 guests..Saloon with your captain Arlyss
Belline Catamaran 1991 48′ Privilege for 8 guests..Saloon with your captain Arlette

Captain Arlette Wyss is a native of Switzerland. She is a certified horse trainer, specializing in a variety of equestrian disciplines. She traveled extensively the past 5 years, crossing the USA by Greyhound bus from west to east, working in Idaho and Nevada as a real cowgirl, reprised that role in Brazil as a gauchera on a facenda, conquered the Amazon, hiked through Iceland, drove all over New Zealand, slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert and explored the west coast of Greenland on a sailing expedition.

The crew on board this yacht loves water sports, of any and all kinds. Arlette has similar yachts that she will work with in  attitude toward getting to the fun on the water in out of the way, deserted islands and anchorages in the Caribbean that they would love to share with you.  This way up to 16 guests can be accommodated in a like fashion. They love to “unplug” from life and take you back to the Caribbean 30 years ago when they can. Arlette has a gigantic smile on her all the time which is friendly, inviting and warm!
Jeremie Rouaix: Chef Improv Extraordinaire, Passionate Kite Instructor & All round Good Vibe Ambassador turns love for food into a feast for all and gets you up and kiting with a confident grin
32 years ago this compassionate, free spirit Jeremy was born in the mountains of Grenoble, France. With a powerful inner call for freedom, he left home at the age of 15 to start a nomadic life in his home country. He set off to quench his thirst to learn about and share his first passion, cooking. A quest driven by his motto, a day not learned is a day not lived, guiding him in every venture that was to come.

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Year round fully crewed and inclusive rates for 7 nights are $11500-$15800 for 2-8 guests.

Still available for Xmas/New Years

Christmas week – up to 8 guests: $17,400
New Years week – up to 8 guests: $18,150

In the summer season, Belline II offers a honeymoon charter for 2 guests at $10,000 fully crewed and inclusive for 7 nights

Link to the more technical details on Catamaran Belline II

Here are some more of the pictures I took of Belline II at the May Virgin islands yacht show. We look forward to helping you set sail in the Virgin Islands 🙂

Consider pairing up Catamaran Belline II with Catamaran Joy, for two exact same yachts with like minded crew who are active and offer lots of charter toys for casual fun groups.