Charter Review For Yacht Sayang

This is a review for a charter I recently booked for the Northern Leeward Islands for a family from New York!

Mike and Jemma finished a Charter in the British Virgin Islands 48 hours before picking up these guests in Nevis at the Four Seasons, and pretty much sailed there non stop after dropping off their BVI charter to “go the extra mile” to make this families vacation happen.

Bow of Sayang

Kerry , we had a great time. Jemma is an angel. Very patient and sweet with our girls. Not to mention a dynamite chef. And that’s coming from a guy who got engaged at Atelier Joel Robechon in Paris. Not a single meal felt like she was taking a breather. Each and every lunch/Dinner was something new and fresh and special.

We got skunked on wind from Monday-Thursday, which was a big disappointment for me, but we had enough short hops on our route to motor each day and keep moving along. Nevis->North StKitts, -> Statia, -> Saba. Finally the wind picked up Thursday night which made for a rolly overnight at anchor (we actually quite like that for sleeping). Fast sail -> Anguilla Crocus bay. Sail -> St Maarten Simpson Bay. Sail w/heavy gusts -> St Martin Marigot Bay.

Mike and Jemma of Yacht Sayang
Mike and Jemma of Yacht Sayang

Many memories were made, thank-you for your help in the process. The guide book, though often inaccurate, was a crucial component of our trip. I learned a great deal about what to expect and how to plan an itinerary. Mike had an older version of the same book, so we could cross reference the two and plan the journey side by side instead of sharing just one book. This was quite useful.

Visiting Saba
Visiting Saba. Charter review

Saba is a dream. Clean and completely running. Great moorings. Fast clearance.

Satia clearance process very lazy, very slow. Took mike two hours. We didn’t mind, we were off exploring the fort. Tourist office open 9-12:00, we got there at 11:00. They were closed. Very slow pace here, and didn’t feel really organized. My take was that the oil terminal seems to dominate the priority board here, as well as the scenery (lots of big ugly ships in sight). I would consider skipping it. We didn’t have the option, because we had no wind and I didn’t want to motor another 3hrs to Saba with wind expected the next morning (sadly it didn’t show up till the next evening). The snorkeling here is good.

Nevis is in great shape, but clearance is annoying, and feels like they are trying to create more work then necessary (to justify more jobs I’d guess) which has the byproduct to make life hard on cruisers. The guide book says fir a short stay you can clear in and out simultaneously at either Nevis or St Kitts and visit according to your route thereafter, just like everywhere else. Not so any longer. We couldn’t clear out from Nevis a day in advance, so then had to clear out from St Kitts Basseterre after we left Nevis, Charlestown. This was annoying and a waste of time seeing as we had little interest in Basseterre, but would need to anchor in St Kitts on our route upisland via motor. (We saw spotted eagle ray in Shitten Bay.)

Saint Martin
The guests had fun jumping off on a not so fixed dock close to the airport. All part of the adventure! charter review

We jumped off the dingy via a destroyed dock at a destroyed restaurant (maybe the remains of Aqua) across from the airport. No problems there, but there wasn’t anyone around to tell us not to, so hard to say if we broke any rules on that. We determined it was safe, and it was extraordinarily close to the terminal which was awesome. Currently the airport is all annex makeshift, sheltered from rain but completely outside the actual airport terminal. Fans, but no AC. It was a cool day so not too bad for us, but it could be very uncomfortable in hot weather. No delays, easy boarding process. The grocery store in Simpson Bay was stocked with provisions. There is no difficulty provisioning there with wine beer bread meat ice cream, etc.

Lobster Tacos!
Lobster Tacos!

Kind words from Mike and Jemma of Sayang

We had a great week with the Dixon’s! It was action packed with sailing, taking their friends on sunset cruises, snorkeling and exploring new countries.

They were very appreciative of the meals and everything in between and they loved the sailing! The girls were so cute! All in all it was a brilliant week and they had a special time together as a family!

Thanks for making it happen Kerry, we really appreciate it!

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