Charter Review: Sailing In Guadeloupe on a bareboat adventure we recently booked!

38′ Harmony Sailing Yacht Called “Chopin” through Dream Yacht Charters in Guadeloupe available at a GREAT rate! Our group just returned from the trip and I wanted to share with you some of their impressions and feedback on the area and yacht!

This group had originally been looking for a yacht in the Virgin Islands, but there was none available that suited what they were looking for so we started digging deeper in the Caribbean.

They had no problems with getting to the base and Guadeloupe. They slept aboard their vessel the first night and after briefing and check out the next morning they were on their way.

“We returned home early this morning after six days at sea.  Our travels took us to Marie Galant, Dominica, Iles des Saintes, and Ilet du Gossier. The winds were 18 to 20 knots with gusts to 25 knots. The swells were 8 to 12 feet with highs of 15 feet. The boat worked perfectly and Vincent and his staff were great. We would definitely use them again and recommend them to other sailors.

Guadeloupe bareboat booking Chopin!
On Dominica we used Cobra as a tour guide and had a wonderful time exploring the island with him. He took us to places that we would never have found on our own. The only flaw with Cobra is that he doesn’t give an invoice for his services. He just seems to pull a number out of the air. Also, we think he just pockets the fee for clearing us with customs in Dominica (no stamps on our passports). A little more communication on his end would be appreciated”.

“We all really appreciate your services and would provide you a positive recommendation to anyone interested in working with you. We could not have put together such a good trip without your help. With that said we were talking about sailing in Antigua next year at about the same time. If you hear of any great deals that we shouldn’t miss please send me an email or give me a call.
It’s been a pleasure working with you.
Steve Stiloski, Judy Boehm, and Cliff Russell”
The Iles Des Saintes has always been one of my favorite places to sail and visit. Gingerbread houses, very colorful and clean, Tons of people on mopeds with the fresh baguettes in their basket, Beautiful beaches, many french restaurants and colorful shopping.
“In addition to superb beaches, gorgeous bays, exceptional snorkeling and fascinating historical sites, this romantic island offers a charming village with excellent restaurants, interesting shops and unique art galleries. The other populated island, peaceful Terre-de-Bas, is only a few minutes by boat from Terre-de-Haut and is definitely worth a visit.”