Bare Boat Charter Bavaria 33 Maverick

“First of all, you did a fantastic job of finding the appropriate vessel and making the arrangements. You answered our questions promptly and sent us a ton of information. Taking a boat out of Tortola is a pain, as you really cannot start sailing until the next day and because of the transfer issues, we came back to Nanny Cay the night before we left, so we effectively lost a full day of the charter. That said, the people at Horizon were very helpful, particularly Jon. The very long checkout was a little overwhelming, especially after traveling all day, it would be nice the streamline that.
The boat was is new condition. The slotted mast roller furling system was a little funky, with a tendency to jam right when you most need it to work!
Most enjoyable activity was going for a hike up to Eagles Nest on Peter Island, with the fantastic views. Mooring at Biras Creek was also memorable. And as I mentioned, the real fun is that three guys who had never sailed together bonded in the joint effort!

Charter review for Bare boat charter Maverick Charter review for Bareboat Maverick

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Horizon bases out of a very nice marina with many facilities for boaters on Tortola. They have a fairly large fleet and quite a few locations throughout the Caribbean.

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