Amazing Grace Power Yacht- Virgin Islands

Amazing Grace Power Yacht is available for luxury private Day Charters, Sunset Charters, Dinner Charters, Special Occasions and custom charters in the Virgin Islands.

A few weeks ago I had charter guests who were holding  a yacht for a long weekend getaway in the Virgin Islands. Work got in the way, and they dropped the hold, then decided several days before the trip time that they WANTED A YACHT!

Of course everything was booked that appealed to them. We dug deep for this yacht, and by chance, Debbie Grace, who had just received her business license in hand the exactly two hours before was mentioned as a possiblity. This yacht was a bit smaller then what they wanted, however, I had seen Debbie in action before and KNEW without a doubt that she would provide a high quality charter for guests!

She did. They absolutely loved the charter, and Captain Mike and Debbie.

AMAZING GRACE power yacht: charter review in May 2017 of this beautiful 48' power yacht for day, sunset and custom overnight charters in the Virgin Islands
AMAZING GRACE power yacht: charter review in May 2017 of this beautiful 48′ power yacht for day, sunset and custom overnight charters in the Virgin Islands

Debbie Grace- Chef and Owner of Amazing Grace Power yacht

I met Debbie at the St Thomas charter show in November 0f 2016, and was blown away by her food! It was not too long before Debbie realized to provide the quality of vacation and trips that she wanted to provide that she would have to purchase her own yacht 🙂

(I love this story as it was similar to mine when I started doing charters back in 1997 in the Virgin Islands. Tried and tried to get a job, but couldn’t, so we bought a yacht and our own job!)

Back to Debbie and Amazing Grace Power Yacht. The hunt was on for the perfect yacht! She found the yacht she wanted in the Prestige Jeanneau line of power yachts, and worked getting it ready to offer Day, Sunset, Dinner, Special Occasion, and custom short charter experiences for guests. Then worked hard to get it set up the way SHE wanted it. We booked our guests two days before the 3 night charter on Amazing Grace power yacht. 

Debbie moved to St Thomas from Denver, Colorado, where she founded and still owns 24 Hour Sign Language Services. She worked woith a Chef for five months before coming to the islands to learn how to prepare gourmet meals in small spaces, certified scuba diver, certified Mate, and owner of Amazing Grace.  Debbie provides a uniquely special yachting experience for all of her guests, with delicious food, beautiful interior appointments and a happy island spirit.

Mike Sealey- Captain of Amazing Grace Power Yacht

Mike Sealey, Amazing Graces Head Captain knows these waters like the back of his hand. Captain Mike joined Amazing Grace as Head Captain after several years as head captain for a popular St Thomas charter company. Prior to that, he served 21 years active duty in the U.S Coast Guard, providing safe passage of billions of dollars of cargo as well as the seizure of hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal contraband. He is an Instructor at the USVI Captain School and a resident captain of St Thomas for more than five years.

Captain Mike’s gregarious nature has made him one of the most poplular guys around.  A short stroll with Mike will be met with many people shouting “Hey Mike” 

I heard legendary stories of Mike docking up to the customs dock in St John, USVI or the seawall in Charlotte Amalie and having everyone off and back on in no time flat!

Patrick Lee Hermon- Alternate Captain on Amazing Grace Power Yacht

Patrick is a St Thomas native, growing up fishing, swimming, diving and boating the beautiful Virgin Islands waters. He worked for 17 years at the infamous Ritz Carlton Thomas, eventually becoming the resort’s first native sailing captain before joining the Amazing Grace team. In his free time, Captain Patrick also is a much-loved local DJ so if you have special music requests, you’re in especially good hands with Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace has a permanent slip at Sapphire Resort Marina but for my group they scooted down to Charlotte Amalie and picked them up right on the seawall, before heading up for sunset at  Bitter End Yacht Club overnight on Virgin Gorda where the guests wanted to stay on dock.

The next day breakfast was enjoyed at Necker Island followed by a walk around the island to see the Lemurs, the 4′ Tortoises and the infamous Flamingo’s followed a walk up to the lodge at the top to enjoy the view.  From there, it only took the yacht TWENTY (yes, 20 minutes!) to get out Anegada, Loblolly beach and then Lobster dinner as well!

The next day it was time to hit Soggy Dollar Bar at White Bay on Jost Van Dyke and Foxys too. A quick trip the next day brought them back to St John and Cruz Bay to check back in and get back to St Thomas in time for their flight back to the mainland!

I generally have a bit of a heart attack booking yachts that I have not personally seen, but Debbies personality and both her and Mikes attention to detail made the process much easier! Thank you for that.

Ask me for more details and rates on their Day, Sunset, Dinner, Special Occasions and custom overnight charters for up to 6 guests maximum. This is a great new option for private power yacht trips in the Virgin Islands!

Here is a small clip of Amazing Grace Power yacht heading up to the Bitter End Yacht Club after picking up our charter guest! Enjoy