Sail Puerto Rico

Lady Dee charter yacht at the 2015 St Thomas Yacht Show! Lady Dee charter yacht at the 2015 St Thomas Yacht Show!

s/y Lady Dee is currently available for private charters sailing throughout the Spanish, US and British Virgin Islands.

This is a beautifully fully restored 1992 Norseman 400 catamaran. It has all the modern amenities need to make a voyage comfortable, without compromising its vintage character.

Captain Bill Pinkney and his wife Migdalia will be your hosts as you sail to the Spanish, US and British Virgin Islands. Captain Bill is a world class solo circumnavigator and Migdalia, born in Puerto Rico, serves as the first mate and cook. This team will make you have a safe, entertaining and memorable vacation in paradise.

sail puerto rico. Pressure stove on a yacht! Pressure stove on a yacht!

This is the first yacht I have seen here with a pressure oven! That probably comes in handy in the tropics. They offer light fishing, kayak, paddle boarding and the tales of the very personable and outgoing Bill Pinckney from his travels around the world

The Spanish Virgin Islands offer a different side of the Caribbean. This area boats sparsely and uninhabited islands with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling. You can also enjoy distant views of Puerto Rico’s mountainside and landscapes.

From there, also sail aboard Lady Dee to the British Virgin Islands. They too are largely unspoiled and you will find dozens of quiet little coves to explore. If you want a beach all to yourself, you can certainly find one in the BVI! Likewise, if you want to experience the local culture, there is plenty to keep your entire family entertained.

The more lively beaches, such as Cane Garden Bay, provide local music, crafts, restaurants and bars where you can sample delicious foods and try the famous Caribbean rum punches and other local cocktails!

Your captain! Your captain!

With Lady Dee being a CREWED charter, that means Bill and Magdalia handle every aspect of sailing, navigation and meal preparation. Meanwhile, you get to relax and enjoy the voyage!

Depending on the length of your vacation, your number of guests, organizing a private charter just for you aboard Lady Dee certainly can be less expensive than vacationing with your family on a cruise ship, WITHOUT 3000 of your closest friends!

Contact us to find out how to book an all inclusive, hassle free private charter aboard Lady Dee and sail the beautiful Spanish, US and British Virgin Islands.

Here are some pictures I recently took at the 2015 St Thomas Yacht Show 🙂

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