Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the second biggest island in the British Virgin Islands. The very western end is the location of The Baths.

The Baths

Photo os Virgin Gorda, British Virgin islandsThe Baths, Virgin Gorda

The baths is a cool spot on Virgin Gorda with many park moorings. If none are left you can anchor to the east of the moorings. This area should not be used if any north swell is running.

There has been many boats dashed against the rocks here when they have broken a mooring line in a swell! Pick up a mooring and take your dingy to one of the 2 dingy moorings at either devils bay or spring bay. The dingy moorings are the blue balls with a line between them. Dingy’s are not allowed to be pulled up onto the beaches

There can be large crowds at the beaches and if there is even the smallest swell running, dropping at the beach can be anywhere from tricky to dangerous. It’s a better bet to simply go straight to the dingy mooring then swim ashore.

Exploring the Baths

The Baths is a magical place. There is a path that takes you between the 2 beaches. Path is a loose term, you climb over boulders, cross bridges and duck under boulders that weigh hundreds if not thousands of tons. Do take a camera as you will get some of the best pictures of your vacation here.
If you find yourself in water deeper than your knees while walking through, pick another way!. There is another well defined path that leads up to the top car park. Up here there are some bars and restaurants with some spectacular views. There is a fresh water swimming pool to cool off in while sipping on a rum punch or bushwhacker. Also there are several gift stores. There are no overnight moorings here.

Spanish Town

Moving towards the east from the baths is a submerged rock a couple of hundred yards or so off the first beach you pass. Then as you keep going you will see a half dozen or so overnight moorings in the lee of the point that juts out from Spanish town.

These are a good way to see the baths when the swell is up. Simply stop here or go into Virgin Gorda Yacht harbor and take a cab to the baths. The marina here is excellent for fuel, water, ice, provisions, bars, chandlery, restaurants and a dive shop for air, gear rentals and trips. Spanish Town is a port of entry and customs can be found just by the ferry dock. If your next stop is in the north sound and are on a crewed yacht, or have someone who is willing to take the boat to Leverick bay on there own, It is a fantastic taxi ride from either the baths or Spanish Town over to Leverick bay.
The trip takes you along a ridge line that gives spectacular views of Virgin Gorda, tell the cabbie that you want to take in the views and he will stop at a couple of spots for some excellent photography.

Many of our guests have done this, we drop them at the baths then when they are done exploring the baths they head up to the car park. Do a bit of shopping Have a drink then taxi over the top and meet up with us. Everybody says that they are pleased that they decided to do it that way.

Savanna Bay

When heading up from Spanish Town, make sure you go around the green marker on the point! a bit further up there is Little Dix Bay. The bay is surrounded with reef with a narrow entrance in the middle and is quite tight.

Savannah Bay is a lovely spot on Virgin Gorda that is not visited by many except when it’s a holiday weekend in the US. Then there will be many Puerto Rican Fishing boats rafted together in party mode.

To get into Savannah is fairly straight forward so long as the sun is out and high in the sky. The entrance is on the western end close to blowing point. There is a long reef that runs about a half mile offshore from the eastern end of the bay all the way down to within about a quarter mile from blowing point. The reef is very shallow and easy to see.

Come in until you’re inside the reef then run parallel to the shore just inside the reef. The beach at the western end has lots of reef in front of it. Just before the next headland and then after the headland the water is clear. There are a couple of reef patches around but easy to see, when you find a spot move towards the beach and anchor in clear sand as shallow as you dare go.

Departing Savannah Bay

To get out of Savannah bay it can be more difficult to see the reef, especially if you are leaving early in the morning. On shore just inside blowing point there is a very large rock painted white with a black stripe on it.
As you move towards the exit at blowing point (so long as you do not move to the north of the line between you and the rock), you will stay inside the reef. A word of caution about Savannah Bay, do not overnight in this bay if there is any possibility of swell coming up.
Many boats have found themselves in amongst breaking waves in the middle of the night and several have been forced ashore and smashed into bits. There are no overnight moorings on this part of Virgin Gorda.

Mountain point

Virgin Gorda, part 1 British Virgin IslandsMountain Point

Moving further up is mountain point. There are several parks moorings on the point and makes a great scuba and snorkel spot as well as a wonderful anchorage, its only drawback is that there always tends to be a lot of flies on this part of Virgin Gorda.

Inside the point you will see reef areas to both the east and west with a large area of perfect white sand in between. Anchoring is anywhere from 8 feet deep to 60 feet deep depending upon how far you go in.

Many of the crewed charter boats will go right in then anchor and tie a stern line to the shore, this will have you in about 8 feet of water that is very calm and out of the wind.

Sunsets in Virgin Gorda

The sunsets from here can be spectacular. Be careful when being in really shallow if the north swell comes up. Anchoring out deeper in 30 to 60 feet can give good fishing overnight.
Fishing large sloppy baits or live baits can produce Caribbean reef sharks, these are a lot of fun to catch then release. When you first hook up you think that you have hooked a passing motor boat! The small beach can be accessed by dingy but you need to slip in from the sand area at the end of the beach. The whole beach has a very shallow reef thats only inches deep in places that runs its entire length.
This is a great spot for dingy pulled toys since the water is seldom choppy here and there is a large expanse of calm water. You can stay well away from anchored boats. There are no overnight moorings available here and its an anchorage that seldom has more than a couple of boats in it.

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