A trip to Virgin Gorda isn’t complete without a visit to Pond Bay.

Pond Bay

1 Pond Bay- Virgin Gorda Villa Grabs European Attention

Sleek and stylish property blends elements of nature with holistic living.

Pond Bay is a modern architectural villa located atop the hills of Virgin Gorda. This location has garnered the attention of European travelers in the Spain edition of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

The publication features 16 incredible houses for vacationers to book around the world. They describe the property as “a modernist fantasy set on a cliff in the British Virgin Islands: 100 Pond Bay. Designed with a striking geometric style. This villa has six bedrooms. three saltwater pools. and spa. A romantic retreat. sophisticated and above all private.”

The Villa was designed so that no matter which way you turn is an exotic view pleases the senses. It was built in complete harmony with the surrounding area with minimal disturbance of natural vegetation.

2 Pond Bay- Virgin Gorda Villa Grabs European Attention

Rain is the primary source of water for most uses, with city water as a backup. Bottled water is provided for drinking. Waste is treated in the Chrome glass system and the gray water produced is used for irrigation.

A propane generator backs up the electrical systems resulting in much less pollution than diesel power. Each bedroom is centrally cooled, but bi-fold doors open the main house allowing nature to provide cooling via the friendly breezes of Pond Bay, reads a description given by the owner.

“We’re proud to have the villa and the BVI featured in this international magazine. We’re especially proud to be a representative of the British Virgin Islands and are pleased to be able to offer an experience that demonstrates bliss within the realm of fine architecture on such a wonderful island as Virgin Gorda,”

said Lynn Fisher Hill owner of 100 Pond Bay.

4 Pond Bay- Virgin Gorda Villa Grabs European Attention

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