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Peter Island is situated opposite Road Harbor, it is a large island that is mostly uninhabited except for Peter Island resort. The resort is a large sprawling complex that has been long established.

The resort is owned by the Amway corporation and boasts many bars and restaurants and there are several small shops and a dive shop as well as a high end spa. There is something for everyone on Peter Island and its bays.

The main dock for the resort is located in Sprat Bay and overnight dockage can be had as well as ice sales. There are a couple of mooring balls in the bay, however they are very expensive compared to all the other balls throughout the Caribbean. 200 years ago, Peter island had many plantations that grew tobacco, cotton and sugar cane.


This is the bay that the resort is located in, it has a very nice beach but at times landing a dingy can be problematic. The beach is basically cut into 2 beaches with a small headland in the middle.

The eastern beach is the preferred beach for non resort guests. There are some umbrellas and chairs that the resort won’t mind you using. The western beach, however, they would prefer you not to use although all beaches in the territory are public. They will however shoo you of the seats etc on the western beach if you are not a resort guest.

Anchoring in the bay can be somewhat trying with Danforth or Bruce type anchor as there is dense ell grass through most of the bay. In closer to the beach there are more sand patches than out deep. This anchorage can be rolly at times. At the far eastern end of the beach the winds can be a bit swirly, so make sure you have good swing room when anchoring here.

Ashore here there is a road that leads to the main resort area in sprat bay, it makes a nice 15 minute walk and the resort encourages you to visit and shop. There are also many running tracks that lead over to the back of the island. Along the track are rest stops with water barrels. Take a camera as there are some nice lookout spots along the way. There is not much in the way of snorkeling in this part of Peter Island and there are no overnight mooring balls.


Great harbor is a large bay that has a lot to offer. There are many overnight moorings along the southern shoreline. Anchoring can be had throughout the bay. However, you should not anchor along he western shore of the bay as it is all coral bottom. The eastern shore is a popular anchorage as is the deeper bay in the south-western corner.

Anchorage can be had throughout the middle of the bay but the water is deep. 80 to 90 feet. Larger yachts have no problems but most smaller ones do not carry enough chain for this depth. Throughout the bay are areas of rock, because of this anchoring to rope instead of all chain is not recommended.

Snorkeling all the way around the shoreline is fairly good as the western shores often have large schools of baitfish with many large tarpon herding them up to the shore. If you see many birds feeding close to shore then its a good time to go for a dip! In the south-western corner of the bay is oceans seven beach club, visitors are welcome.

Lots of schools of fish at Peter island and its baysPeter Island has many schools of fish

Towards the north western side of the bay you will see a very large mooring which will often have a sand barge moored to it.

Flying Cloud

This was originally the hurricane mooring for the tall ship Flying Cloud. Flying Cloud spent many years chartering around this area but sadly is no longer afloat.

On the bottom of the bay, a couple of hundred feet west of this mooring is a sand barge. This barge sunk in the late 2000’s after the Peter island ferry tried to pass between the barge and the tug that was towing it. The ferry snagged the tow line causing the barge to flip over, it was towed to the mooring and sat there for many years upside down with one end on the bottom and the other sticking out of the water like a giant water ski ramp.

After several years an attempt to turn it over failed causing it to sink. It now makes an interesting easy night dive in about 80 feet of water but the visibility here is always not the greatest.

Just outside of the harbor there are 2 large yellow mooring balls, these are dive moorings. The western one is the anchor of the RMS Rhone, click here for the history and dive information on the Rhone. Eastern ball is a dive site that has the wreck of the Fearless. The Fearless was a wooden boat that was in fact the sister ship to the Calypso which was made famous by the diving legend Chaque Costou.

The fearless was caught in the territory with a false bulkhead that hid many tons of drugs. She was seized and chained to the docks in road town for many years and ended up in an non sea worthy state. Later it was towed to where she now is to sunk for a dive site.