The Bight

photo of Norman Island and the Caves, BVI. Part 2Sunset on the Bight, Norman Island

Norman Island has a very large anchorage called the Bight which has well over 100 overnight moorings.

There are a couple of spots deep in the Bight that has enough room to anchor especially if you tie your stern to the shore, for details on how to do this, see our information on Little Harbor Peter island.
The bight was also a hang out for pirates. They used the very protected beach to careen their boats. This was the art of beaching their vessel then pulling her onto its side to clean and repair her bottom. Then she would be turned around and the other side done.

Norman Island also has tales of Captain Kid burying treasure here. Many attempts to find this treasure has not produced results.

Privateer Bay, Water Point, Angel fish, Norman Island

These are all excellent snorkel sites found on Norman Island, Angel Fish Reef is one of only 2 places in the BVI that I have seen sea horses. Water Point and Angel Fish have national park moorings for snorkeling and diving. Water Point and Privateer Bay both have overnight moorings and areas to anchor as well.

Soldiers Bay and Benures Bay

Soldiers bay has some overnight moorings but can be rolly in certain conditions. Benures bay has no overnight moorings but anchoring is possible. Holding is good. Both bays have good snorkeling along there shore lines.

Money Bay

This is one of my favorite anchorages and holding is good in sand. There are a couple of rocks on the north side and shallow reef on the south side. The middle is all clear. Simply go into the bay and anchor in the middle close to the rock breakwaters that protect the beach. This is a gorgeous spot to overnight if the swells are not up. There are no lights visible in here at night.

Snorkeling is good along all the rocky coastlines. In the sand near the beach there are usually many sand dollars in a few feet of water. This spot is one of those spots that really is a “one boat spot”, both because of its size but also because it’s one of those spots you go to if you want to be alone.

We will often come into this bay, trolling for fish along the way. If there is another boat in the bay and if they have intentions of staying overnight, then we leave before sunset just out of courtesy and respect.
There are enough spots like this in the British Virgin Islands, that in a weeks charter you will find a couple that are empty. If they got there first then they deserve the magic of being alone overnight.

The Indians and Pelican Island

photo the Indians on Norman Island and the caves, BVI. Part 2The Indians off Norman Island

The Indians are another fantastic snorkel and dive spot on Norman Island which has many fish and nice soft corals. Be careful when you snorkel around the south side as the water gets very shallow and the rocks have fire coral in places.

There are national park moorings during day. There are no overnight moorings and the area is not conducive to anchoring as the whole area has a reef bottom. There are 2 national park moorings on the south side of Pelican Island

No overnight anchoring at The Indians.

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