Exploring Ginger Island.

There are no overnight spots on Ginger Island, there are a half dozen parks moorings around the island for snorkeling and scuba diving

1 Ginger Island

There is a wonderful quiet place for beach combing on the back of ginger island in Wedgeo Bay. I have found more interesting junk in this bay than anywhere else in the British Virgin Islands, if not the whole Caribbean.

This is not a place to take your yacht, but so long as the seas are flat it is possible to leave your yacht on one of the park moorings and take a dingy around to the back side of Ginger to Wedgeo bay.

Entrance is through a narrow cut in the barrier reef that is just off the headland in the middle of the bay. Do take your time before attempting to drive into the bay, You do not want to commit yourself to drive in to find that you are not in the cut. The cut is deep but narrow, with each side of the cut being very shallow.

Once inside the area on the west of the headland you’ll find tons of rubbish washed up on the shore. Just about everything you could imagine washes up here.

I have found several messages in bottles, parts of an airplane wreckage, a life raft and many instrument packages from weather balloons. These are interesting things. They are housed in foam blocks about the size of an encyclopedia. (I know the younger generation will have no idea what that is!) In the foam are several circuit boards, a battery and several sensors.

Fallen Jerusalem.

So named because of its resemblance to the fallen down houses of Jerusalem, this little island has 2 national parks mooring balls. Not many boats visit here, it’s topography is similar to that of the baths. There is nowhere to anchor overnight here, do not try to go south through anywhere between Fallen Jerusalem and round rock.

Passage between Round Rock and Ginger Island is deep and easy if passing between Fallen Jerusalem and Virgin Gorda. Be wary of the Blinders, which are rocks that are just awash in the middle of the passage. There is also a submerged rock about 100 yards off the shore of Virgin Gorda, just a bit further south than the Blinders. The passage on the northern side of the blinders is much deeper than the southern side.