Exploring Cooper Island.

Cooper Island has a small beach club with a bar and restaurant as well as a scuba shop. There are many overnight moorings in Manchioneel Bay and is a popular spot to overnight. The snorkeling over towards Cistern Point is good.

Cooper Island, BVIShallow Reef.

The bay is full of turtle grass and is a deep anchorage. There very often is weird currents near Cistern Point and if anchored here, you may find yourself sitting to the current but your neighbor sitting to the wind. Because of this anchoring is not recommended for the novice.

Between Cooper Island and Salt Island is a small rock area that is just awash, it is about 200 yards off the tip of salt that is closest to Cooper. On the western side of Cooper Island is an area called Hauls-over Bay, there are several sand patches here that are easily spotted to anchor in.

Ashore here you can walk over to the eastern side of the Cooper island which is a beach combing spot, being a windward beach it tends to collect all sorts of flotsam and jetsam. Snorkeling at hauls over can be excellent as is night time fishing.

This area makes a good anchorage during christmas winds, there are several national parks moorings south of here that are excellent snorkel and dive sites. This area is called wreck alley because there are 5 wrecks that have been placed for dive sites, as well as another wreck from a boat that sank after catching fire while at anchor. For more details on these dive sites check out our scuba pages

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