1 Anegada part 1 in the British Virgin Islands.Beautiful Anegada beach

Anegada is different to the rest of the British Virgin Islands as it is not a volcanic island. It’s actually just a build up of coral that has formed over eons into an island that is constantly shifting. The highest land mass on Anegada is only 28 feet above high tide.

The areas around Anegada are surrounded with shallow reefs. When heading out to Anegada from North Sound area, you do not see any sight of land until you are half way there. If you are bare boating you are usually not allowed to go out to Anegada on your own.

This does not stop you from going out there though since each of the main bareboat companies have a certain day of the week where they take a flotilla to Anegada. A lead boat anchors overnight in North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

You can tell the lead boats as they usually have dozens of flags adorning their rigging. Everyone who wants to go to Anegada anchors overnight in North sound, then at a set time the next morning the lead boat heads off to Anegada. Everyone else simply follows behind.

When you get there he will make sure you get on an overnight mooring, then the next morning you can follow him back. Its easy to get back as all the islands are visible from Anegada, because of this there are usually no restrictions as to when you return.

2 Anegada part 1 in the British Virgin Islands.Beach on Anegada

There are many overnight moorings at the main anchorage in front of the Anegada Reef Hotel. Anchoring upwind of the mooring field to the east is fine although there is much eel grass here. Look for a sandy patch and although the water will be only 10 feet deep, use 70 or 100 feet of chain.

To approach the mooring field from the marked channel, when you get to the last green marker turn northwest and head for the middle of the field.

Do not go out further from the island than the green marker as the water to the north, south and west of the moorings drops to only 5 feet deep. On the eastern side of the moorings you have 8 to 15 feet except, just out from the reef hotel jetty where there is a large shoal of just a few inches deep.

Where to Anchor

There are 2 main anchorages on Anegada, the most popular being in front of the Anegada Reef Hotel, the other being around at Pomato Point. This anchorage is just off an amazing long beach and is always a less crowded anchorage with good holding in sand between 8 and 15 feet.

This spot is also a bit more protected from wind than the main anchorage, there are no moorings at Pomato point. You can dinghy between the 2 anchorages but you must be vigilant as there are many reef patches only a few inches deep. Do not anchor at Pomato Point and dinghy round to the hotel if you’re not going to be back well before sunset!

When first arriving in the main anchorage, many small skiffs will appear representing different restaurants or bars. They will bring out menus, tell you what the entertainment is like, and can also arrange an island tour or a taxi over to the beaches.


Anegada has some of the most pristine beaches in the Caribbean that stretch for miles, during a short walk you will find your own private patch of sand without anyone else in sight. The beaches are on the northern and western shores, this means a taxi ride from the anchorage.
If you go to any of the bars they will arrange a shuttle for you, they generally leaves every 30 minutes or so. It’s worth getting an island tour on your way across the island, they will show you The settlement which is the capital of Anegada. The settlement is just a couple of dozen small homes, many of which are wooden and sit atop blocks of coral.

3 Anegada part 1 in the British Virgin Islands.Lobster on Anegada

There are salt ponds where one can often see flamingos wading around looking for lunch. One of the ponds is rumored to have a solid gold table buried in its mud.

The legend says that pirates had pillaged the table from the Spanish, then buried it in the soft mud of the lake. Unfortunately, because of the tables immense weight and the muds quicksand like nature the table had sunk beyond where it could be found again.
Over on the north shore there are many small bars and restaurants, take your snorkel gear with you as the water is shallow, warm and protected by the fringing reef. >Loblolly Bay is the most popular spot.

Back on the south side is a gift shop at the hotel which has many unique Caribbean items. Also several restaurants that will serve you bbq lobster for dinner. There is nothing like being outdoors, sitting under a palapa bare foot, running sand between your toes while eating a lobster feast and washing it down with a glass of wine.

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