Virgin Islands Post Irma

Flights to the Virgin Islands

Currently the St Thomas airport (STT) in the USVI has a daily flight coming in with American and Delta on the large airlines.

Delta has one flight coming in and out from Atlanta and American has two flights coming in from Miami.  ALL other direct flights from the mainland have been put on hiatus for the time being. Everyone has to come in from one of these two places.

There is more availability flying into Puerto Rico and then taking one of the small hopper or charter planes over. Either to STT (St Thomas, USVI) or EIS (Tortola, British Virgin Islands) I have heard though, the smaller flights can be problematic with schedule changes so stay on top of that once you have booked your flights.

Ferries between St Thomas, USVI and Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Since hurricane Irma, Roadtown Fast Ferry has received two brand new 300 passenger ferries and is currently doing one trip in the morning and one in the afternoon back and forth. Most of the ferry companies have resumed some type of schedule. Please take a look at the BVI TRAVELLER website for up to date information.

One thing to note, Customs and Immigration at Soper’s Hole, the West End of Tortola is operating out of a tent currently as their building was destroyed. In Roadtown, clearance for ferries and vessels is being done at the ROADTOWN CRUISE SHIP DOCK.

Provisioning, Water, Fuel

No matter where you are provisioning, if you are on a Bareboat or Captain Only Charter, you want to provision for as much of your charter as you possibly can on St Thomas or Tortola. There is negligble supplies currently available (Nov 6th) once you get away from the two larger islands.  Fuel, Water, ice is available at Nanny Cay on Tortola and American Yacht Harbour at Red Hook in the US Virgin Islands. Be prepared to have to go back to one of those places in November or early December if you are down on charter and need either.

We have a company that had a couple of their boats survive and you can arrange for deliveries perhaps, especially of ice by contacting DEEP BLUE ICE at 284-541-1397 and making arrangements in advance.

Great Catch!

Fishing, Kayak, Paddleboard, and more rentals.

Island Surf and Sail is operating out of their home near Smugglers Cove as their store front in Sopers Hole was destroyed


Late breaking post! Our friends on Charter Yacht Allende completed a charter just a few days ago and filed this very good report (embedded)

If you are bareboating and coming in 2017 please be more aware of potential debris in the water. There are plenty of mooring buoys available BUT they have not been checked over, so please snorkel them yourself to make sure they are ok. If you are on a crewed charter, your Captain will have already surveyed the anchorages and know exactly where to go.

The dive spots and snorkeling sites have made out pretty darn good according to those who have been visiting them. Dive BVI just opened up a couple days ago and is now running SCUBA trips again. Bluewater Divers in Nanny Cay is open, however their storefront at Soper’s Hole on Tortola was destroyed.

Do not expect many shore side activities on your charter November of 2017. However plenty of volunteer clean up options!

 ST THOMAS: Is in fairly good shape and has had a lot of work done on it since the hurricanes. They are much further along then the British Virgin Islands are as far as infrastructure.

TORTOLA: As mentioned, Nanny Cay Marina has fuel and water. Soper’s Hole on the West end was heavily damaged and there are no shops open, but there is a coffee shop and Pusser’s to a very limited extent.

Village Cay Marina in Roadtown is not up and running as of yet.

The Cruise Ship Pier Park has opened in the last few days with some of the amenities and places available such as Myetts Chill Zone and Aromas Cigar Bar

Aroma's Cigar Bar, Tortola Pier Park
Aroma’s Cigar Bar, Tortola Pier Park

Marias By the Sea is planning on opening in January which will be very helpful for hotel rooms. There are scattered smaller places available until then, but you have to dig. Car rentals are still very hard to find on island currently, and the roads are not very good to drive on yet, so I would avoid that.


One bar in White Bay is open each Sunday, selling basic drinks, & food vendors coming from Tortola to make burgers …… this is fund raising to help get White Bay up and going. Palm trees are gone BUT WATER & WELCOME ARE AMAZINGLY WARM!  Hendo’s Hideout is now open.

Foxy’s is open periodically with Foxy there signing at times. Expect rum and beer but not food.

Foxy’s Taboo and the B Line bar on Jost Van Dyke are both gone.

Sandy Spit has lost all her vegetation, but it still there. We have friends who have recently been on Sandy Spit replanting palm trees! Thanks to Connor Masterson and Monica Knaggs for this awesome endeavor!



Club Pirates at the Bight

The Club in The Bight should be open shortly for bar and restaurant! They have had practice building over the last few years and are full steam ahead. Unfortunately Willy T’s ended up on the beach broken up. Word has it that they are sourcing a new boat for this. It should not be too hard! We don’t need or want luxury there.

Benures Bay is  beautiful as before, as is the Caves at Treasure Point and the Indians for snorkeling.


Unfortunately Little Harbour lost the little castle many of us tied too, but is still as beautiful as ever.

Great Harbour looks the same as before Irma.

Peter Island Resort is heavily damaged and closed, probably not opening up until 2019. You can still anchor in Deadmans Bay though.


Suffered a great amount of damage and will be closed until Easter. There docks have been destroyed.


This area sustained a great deal of damage, and still has a long way to go in clean up. On the plus side you can once again swim into the Baths and enjoy that beautiful spot as if it was twenty years ago. I understand the Top of the Baths will be opening by the middle of November.

Savannah, Pound & Long Bay all look great, and perfect as before for deserted anchoring.


Leverick Bay has a restaurant  partially  open,  with bar & basic food. They are working on getting their docks put back together but not useable as of yet.

I hear that Sandbox and Prickly Pear are fine, however the entire North Sound area of Saba, Bitter End, Costa Esmelda etc has been heavily damaged, nothing is open and all you will see currently is wrecks and damage so best to avoid.


As beautiful as ever


Apparently their marina is OK and Marine Max has moved their business over to their to operate out of. They will be having some type of accommodation for their guests there, however, Scrub Island is not generally open to the public otherwise.


😞😢 Not good. The iconic UK phone booth is in the water and nothing done as of yet since Irma


We did have a version of a full moon party last night although there are still yacht wrecks on the beach.

Full Moon Party by Aragorn Dick Reed
Full Moon Party by Aragorn Dick Reed



They did not suffer as much damage as other places and the Lobster Festival toward the end of November is their “official opening”. There are docks and their are bars and restaurants. I understand the Wonky Dog is now open for drinks.
Anegada Beach Club has been coordinating and housing relief workers. Their Glamping tents on the beach are gone, but they are now working on getting the rest of their location up and running in some form and expect to be open again approximately February of 2018

***Thanks to Mark and Sally of Catamaran Viking Dream who provided many updates on the anchorages***

The Virgin Islands is open for business and we need YOUR help now! Come swim in our beautiful warm waters, sail between our 64 islands and cays and meet our friendly smiling folks who are eager to welcome you back


***75 restaurants are open NOW for your dining pleasure with more being added daily!***