H2O Trips has been involved with SwimVacation for many years now, mostly working with them in the Virgin Islands. This year they decided to try out the Abacos in the Bahamas! Here’s what they had to say! 

SwimVacation. Abacos 2017
No holding back with this bunch.
SwimVacation Dec 2017. the Abacos
SwimVacation Dec 2017. Abaco, Bahamas

SwimVacation in the Abacos, Bahamas

Transportation – Marsh Harbour (MHH) was easy to get and the flights were fairly inexpensive. Connections from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Nassau, and Atlanta. Easy. The airport in Marsh Harbour is small, clean, and has good food and a nice little gift shop with locally made stuff. Taxis from the airport to the harbor area are about $10-$15. They drive on the left. Rental cars $60/day.

The Island People – totally smiley and friendly. Always willing to lend a hand or answer a question. We hung out in a cell phone store for hours and felt like family there. Our driver Abigail is our new go-to gal on the ground.

Hopper at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, the prop of Silver Airlines carrying them to Great Abaco, Heather and her new island friend, Abigail!
Hopper at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, the prop of Silver Airlines carrying them to Great Abaco, Heather and her new island friend, Abigail!

Town – Pretty neat and tidy compared to much of the Caribbean. No trash on the side of the road. Mom and Pop style businesses in various states of repair, but all quite charming. No traffic jams.

Provisioning – Big US style supermarket from the 80s right in town. Not ridiculously expensive, but you have to pick and choose. Beef is very expensive. Lamb is cheap. Bacon is expensive. Dairy wasn’t too bad. A case of soft drinks is $30, a case of beer is $45. Outer cays all had well stocked little grocery stores at slightly higher pricing. We also bought whole fish from a guy at the marina.

Cash/Credit – American and Bahamian currency is 1-1. Some places charge an extra 5% for using credit so we brought and used lots of cash.

Connectivity – We got SIM cards for $40 each and an unlimited data wifi router for the boat for $279. Coverage was excellent during most of the trip.

Heather acquiring fast internet for our two weeks of charters.
Heather acquiring fast internet for our two weeks of charters.

Marina – Dream Yachts works with the Harbour View Marina. The marina staff are excellent. On-property restaurant served good food, though the live music was loud and went on too long into the night. The guy at the desk talked us out of renting a $350 motorboat to go scouting in rough water with, sending us on a $30 ferry instead. They had our boats ready ahead of time and let us board before the agreed upon time. The place was generally clean and well maintained.

Harbour View Marina
Harbour View Marina

The Islands and Cays, the water, the scenery were all pretty amazing. Low-slung islands so the Lee is small. But lots of little harbors to hide in. More of a tide swing than we expected, about 5 feet. Atlantic was warmer than the sea of Abaco, which kept getting colder through the trips.

Cute little towns. Nice colonial architecture. More golf carts than cars. Not much reef on the inside but when it’s calm, the reef on the atlantic side is really good, all the usual characters swimming around. Very clear water. Lots of sand and turtle grass in the sea of Abaco. Great beaches. We barely explored 1/3 the 100-mile long chain of Cays.

The Abacos at twilight
The Abacos at twilight

The Boats

H2O Trips booked 2 yachts through Dream Yacht Charters for SwimVacation. A Lagoon 52 and a Salina Elolution 48!

Lagoon 52. SwimVacation
Lagoon 52
Salina Evolution 48. SwimVacation Dec 2017
Salina Evolution 48

Next up we have a SABA 50 rented for them in the spring for 2 weeks. Also through Dream Yacht Charters!


The SwimVacation team and their crew stayed at a nice little AirBnB near town, which was a lot less expensive than the marina hotels, which are few but they seemed nice and convenient.

Cozy Living room and dining room. Sea N Stars on Johnny Cake Lane
Cozy Living room and dining room
Fresh water pool

Abigail is the go-to girl the SwimVacation used for help with accommodations and travel around the Abacos. Her number is 242-477-5861 and her email is [email protected]

Abigail in Abaco
Go-to gal for the Abacos!

Sea N Stars on Johnny Cake Lane

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