Caribbean All inclusive what does it mean.

In these more financially stressful times, more and more people like the idea of being able to know with absolute accuracy what the cost of a vacation will be right at the planning stage. Many look to the all inclusive resorts or cruise ships as they have a price upfront for the accommodations, the meal costs and the cost of entertainment. Usually there are some extra’s most notably the bar tab, possible internet usage and “extra” entertainment, like perhaps a jungle tour or perhaps scuba diving and maybe a rental car.

One option for Caribbean all inclusive vacations that many do not consider is the charter yacht vacation. A yachting vacation will have you and your family, or perhaps some buddies on a luxury yacht with a captain and crew, tending to your every need.

Caribbean all inclusive, White bay Jost Van Dyke. White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

These floating resorts are always packed with more entertainment and toys than its possible to use in a week. Another bonus is that all the yachts include reasonable bar. This takes away the surprise bill for liquor at the end of the week.

So what does reasonable bar mean? A very good amount of domestic beer and regular shelf liquors, house wines and soda’s. If you’re looking for top shelf liquors, high end wines or have a group that’s sole purpose of the vacation is to party hard, there may be some additional charges, but only for excess, specialty wines, or requested top shelf items. In 14 years of running a 10 passenger charter yacht, other than requested items that are not in the regular bar, we have never charged extra for excess and we have had some very large drinkers who go to bed drunk, get up the next morning and continue drinking all day. For charter crews, being drunk the whole week is not frowned upon like in a resort.

fine diningAlways lots of food.

Food is all included with different boats serving different ways, some like to make it an ala carte experience with individually plated and decorated meals, other go more for the family/buffet type of presentation. One thing for sure is that the sea air and exercise of swimming etc has everyone looking forward to the next meal.

There is always plenty with unlimited fruits,chips and chocolates between meals. Although yachts are not restaurants with giant walk in freezers etc, they are able to accommodate certain dietary restrictions. Some time before your charter you will be given a preference sheet to fill out, this is where you “order” your meal types, diet restrictions and what sort and quantity of booze you want to see on board.

pincushion starfishKids always have fun.

All boats come with snorkelling gear and many other toys like kayaks, water ski’s, pull tubes, stand up paddle boards, wind surfers, noodles, sun loungers, fishing gear and some even have hobie cats on board.

Scuba diving and scuba instruction is available on many yachts, some include it, some charge extra, the cost if any is always spelled out at the time of booking a charter, Its always cheaper than taking individual scuba trips as the transporting to and from the dive site is already a part of the charter. Its a great way to form a family hobby that can keep you close for the rest of your years.

A fine catch of Caribbean lobster. The boys caught dinner.

There are many families that dad dives and the kids are coming of age where they could learn the sport. Typically if someone wants to get certified, they go to their local dive shop and do the theory and pool work, then they head for the warm tropical Caribbean waters to do the necessary dives to be certified.

Then there are the popular resort courses, here you just learn the basics on the boat then taken into the water with a dive instructor. You can dive all week long under his supervision. At the end you still have no formal qualifications, however the dives you have done can count towards the dives you need to do when getting certified.

We have had many groups that came to our yacht every second year for a decade, they all dove every day and never bothered with certification knowing that it was only on charter that they would dive.

Guiding Light Charter Yacht

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