Cabin Only Charters

A cabin only charter is just that, You rent a single cabin or more on a charter yacht, the others are rented to other guests.

This can be a perfect way to go on a charter vacation when you are unable to get enough friends together to completely fill a yacht. It may also be that your friends don’t follow the same passions that you do, like scuba diving, fishing, etc.

With cabin only charters your going to be with others who follow your passions. Mostly cabins hold 1 double bed that works for a couple. Some can be split into 2 singles, and some boats even have a cabin with just 1 single bed. Typically you are renting the cabin for 2 and there is sometimes a rebate if only 1 person is going to occupy the cabin.

A cabin set up as a king size bed, Cabin Only ChartersThis is a cabin that has been set up as a King size bed.

Boats that offer cabin only sales usually have several of their cabins that can be made into twins.
This is great for friends to share a room at a reasonable cost.

Of course couples have endless options, we have found that sisters will sometimes share a queen or king bed, but we all know that brothers are not into that!

promenade-twin, Cabin Only Charters This is the same cabin as a twin bed.

Often cabin only charters are based upon a theme. We have had many that are slanted towards scuba divers.
We have had some that are all women, they leave their spouses behind either because of different vacation schedules, different vacation interests, or, well just because they can. Fishing trips are another popular choice, as well are gay charters. We have a company Swim Vacation that puts together many trips each year that has athletes swim between the islands, they provide coaching for all levels of swimmers. This has been a perfect way for swimmers to get in some serious training without having the only thing of interest to see being a black line on the bottom of a pool.

We at H2O Trips are experts at putting together groups that want to take a yachting vacation and everyone on board expecting the trip to be based upon their chosen interest.
There are no boats that simply put up a cabin only charter without there first being interest shown in a couple of cabins.

Most boats will commit to a set of dates and theme once 2 cabins are confirmed.

So This Is How It Works.

Scuba boats have for many years been selling by the cabin, as its been their own boat that they are selling cabins on, their only goal was to put people in beds.

swim vacation2, Cabin Only ChartersBegan as strangers, now friends for life.
For us at H2O Trips, we have personally put together enough trips of many different flavors, to know that broad strokes like that just do not leave every one happy.

Nothing is worse than having 10 scuba divers on a boat, 4 of them having 20 thousand dollar camera rigs and wanting to dive 3 dives per day, each dive just wanting to get that perfect shot of 2 Sailfin Blennys in the perfect pose. They have no interest in moving further than 20 feet in a 1 hour dive, 2 more divers just want to get in some drift diving. 2 more have just finished their open water certification and want to get some time underwater, The last 2 just want to get drunk on a dive trip. They all have scuba diving in common but other than that each group hates to be in the water with the other groups.

So heres what you do, You email us with possible dates. A very in depth description of what your vacation would look like and a brief on your personality. We would then put it out there to let others know whats in the pipeline and see what interest we can shake up.

Others will then come forth and with everyones permission we can get you all in contact with each other and you all decide if your a match. The next step is we see what boats are available to meet your needs for your intended dates, We put together a package tailor made to your needs.

Want to be on a charter yacht that will let you fish 24 hours per day, on day 2 all go out deep sea fishing on a game fish boat to the north drop to try your game on the marlin, Day 4 go flats fishing with a guide and fly fish for bonefish and tarpon, Night 6 be at the Willy T for dinner, Have preparations pre made for any trophy fish to be pre frozen for the trip home so you can send them off for mounting? All are no problem. We have extensive knowledge of the industry and 16 years in the Caribbean. Putting together those requirements are a no brainer for us.

Some of the themes possible are. sailing regattas. fishing trips. scuba trips with specific interests within scuba diving such as underwater photography weeks led by National Geographic Photographers. wind surfing. Kite boarding. party weeks. relaxing weeks. golf your way around the Virgin Islands. distance swimming coaching,mountain bike the Caribbean peaks. We even have a boat that offers introduction to underwater treasure hunting!

The possibilities are limitless. Just let us know what your thinking and we can put it together.