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Catamaran charters come in many forms. They start as small as 40 foot bare boats where you do it all yourself and go up to cats well over 100 feet in length where crew members will pamper you in 5 star luxury, and everything in between. Prices range from as low as $1000 per person per week up to, well anything really, want to go for a week on Sir Richard Bransons Necker Bell? We can arrange that but you better have a fat wallet!

Anyone new to the idea of a charter vacation will be overwhelmed by the volume of information available on the web. The irony is that if you are in fact new to the idea, then you probably don’t know where to start or even what questions to ask. It takes the aid of someone who knows the ins and outs to wade through all that data. That’s where the charter broker that you choose to use can make or break your charter vacation experience.

The requirements for 4 couples will be totally different to a family of 5 with teenagers as it will also be different for the family of 5 with the 3 kids being under 5 years old. We have pages of material that we can send you links to upon making an inquiry. Articles on what to pack, how to get there, fishing and diving, guides to  provisioning  if your bare boating, food preferences if your going crewed, details on things like departure taxes, ferry schedules and everything in between.

How big do I need to go? Should I go sail or power yacht? Is a catamaran in fact for me or should I go mono hull? How do kids take to chartering? Do you want crew or are you going to bareboat? Want to scuba dive? Where to rent gear? Are you going to fish, you know that you may need a fishing license right? We have answers to all those questions also look at the bottom of this page for a link to 45  PAGES ON FAQ’s, DIVING,FISHING AND ANCHORAGES WITHIN THE BVI.

Did you know we can give you links to all the grocery stores where you can email your food order and have it waiting for you when you arrive?

We have links to all the popular restaurants and their menus.

Want to know which bays have overnight mooring balls available? How do we know the answers to these and many more questions?

About me- Kerry Hucul.

I personally ran a 10 passenger charter yacht in the British Virgin Islands and up and down the Caribbean chain for 20 years and did over 500 charters. This coupled with the fact that I have personally stepped  aboard each of the several hundred yachts that I represent  and inspected the vessel as well as  quizzed the crews makes my help to you unconditionally qualified to be up to date, informed and independently unbiased. Many in our industry simply rely on information that they have gotten from either the internet or from our other “trade” sources about each boat. Many have ties to particular fleets so will push them even if they do not really match your requirements that well.   I am here for the express purpose of finding the correct match for you and your family’s needs. What I tell or show you is what I have recently seen or personally photographed myself.  I do not rely upon information and pictures from 5 year old brochures.  Our service is completely free to you and there is absolutely no obligations to book through us.

All brokers have the same prices, that’s how the industry works, Your decision on which broker to use should be based upon what the broker can do for you!

The process of planing and getting to your vacation should be as smooth as the waters you’re  dreaming of  sailing upon.

Please let me help make your vacation  the vacation of a lifetime. Either filling out an on line inquiry  form, start a chat below or give us a call and we will get you started in the right direction.

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Overlooking the docks at Village Cay Marina in Roadtown in the British Virgin Islands
Overlooking the docks at Village Cay Marina in Roadtown in the British Virgin Islands, how do you know which one is for you?

We often find that for the newcomer to charter vacationing,  they are overwhelmed with online information. The fact is that there may be many boats that fit your individual requirements, though without having ever been on a charter vacation before one may have little idea of what to expect or the right questions to ask. Over the years we have spoken to literally thousands of newbies. We know the right questions to ask you to whittle down the choices to create that perfect match.

Perhaps your an old salt at it and just want to get an up to date price and availability, we can do that too. Perhaps your just window shopping to see if a charter vacation is right for you and your family. We have a ton of knowledge that can help you out.

Some may think that having a crew on board might mean that your vacation itinerary will be based on where the captain wants to take you rather than what you had in mind. While it is true that the captain has final say about safety etc, they all sit down at the beginning of the trip and find out what YOU want to do and where you want to go. He will formulate a plan based on those destinations, and based upon each days weather forecast plan your week accordingly.  His experience will make sure that each days destination coincides with the best weather days for that particular anchorage. His local knowledge will help you avoid being at the “cruise ship” beaches on the wrong days as well as being at the right bar on the right day etc.

Crewed charters typically come with much larger tenders than bare boats so things like water skiing, tube riding and wake boarding are all included. Many crewed boats have scuba diving and fishing gear on board as well though some do charge extra for scuba and some do not.  We know that many of the charter yachts available, though offering both SCUBA and fishing, well, aren’t exactly thrilled about the idea of you bringing a smelly dirty fish on board, Others have the BBQ lit before you even have the hook out. We quiz the crews on these things and know who REALLY does what.

For many, the charm is in doing it all yourself, If this is you then your after a bare boat and not a crewed charter, we also do that too. 

If your basing your choice to bareboat thinking that it will be cheaper than a crewed vacation, because the market for crewed charters is much more competitive than the bareboat market, experience has shown us that when you add in the cost of provisioning for your meals aboard, your alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages aboard and the fact that when bare boating most seem to eat more meals ashore than when you have an on board chef to pamper you, you will spend at least as much if not more than if you took a fully crewed yacht.

Get bareboat information here.


Lets be honest, it isn’t for everyone. I know that we have had dozens of guests that have done cruise ships before and say they will never again after having experienced the one on one attention that a crewed charter brings. There is no ‘ok at 3.15 everyone needs to be back on board because the cruise ship waits for no one’  Want to stay at the beach for the rest of the day and perhaps tomorrow as well- no problem- its your vacation!

Others have arrived on a 50 foot yacht and don’t know what to do with the 7 formal outfits with matching shoes that they brought along for the dinners at the captains table! We can help with that decision making process. 

We know all about special dietary requirements and thing like passport or visa requirements.

 Our knowledge of the industry has helped many many people experience the romance and charm of a charter vacation without the headaches involved with sorting out the details themselves.  

We also know of any discounted deals that may be on the table at any particular time, as well as when are the good and not so good months to charter particular destinations.

So now for the not so much asked question-

Do I even NEED to use a broker?

The answer to that is ‘no’ technically. Some yachts and all the bare boat fleets will deal directly with its guests. However you still pay the same rate if you use a broker or not. A broker should be thought of as  a middle man who is on your side and is there to give honest answers without trying to sell you on their own product.

If something should not be as you expect then the broker is there to represent you in dealing with any discrepancy. The brokers are paid by commission by the yachts. The yachts and bare boat fleets do not offer you a saving by not using a broker, that is against industry policy, we all have the exact same rate.  Sometimes though a yacht will offer brokers an extra incentive to try and fill certain gaps in their charter calendar. Most brokers pocket this incentive, we however pass this on as discounted deals to you. This is why you will sometimes see specials that say for example 5% off for charters before a certain date.

You get this all for free so why would you not use one?

There is also a wealth of information available in our blog section of this site.

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Stop Work Order, a 52' 2017 Model Lagoon catamaran for up to 8 guests spacious comfortable cockpit
Stop Work Order, a 52′ 2017 Model Lagoon catamaran for up to 8 guests spacious comfortable cockpit