Fort Purcell, Pockwood pond Dungeon or Dojon

Come...explore the history of the Virgin Islands with us... Come…explore the history of the Virgin Islands with us…

Originally built as an earthen fort by the Dutch in either the late 16th or early 17th century. It was known by the Spanish Authorities in Puerto Rico as the Dojon, (which is where the English version called the “dungeon” comes from.) We went exploring this a couple weeks ago, visions of elaborate tunnels and labyrinths going through our mind…

It was in and out of disrepair in the 1600’s and subsequently was named Fort Purcel after the Purcel Brothers who owned plantations there. Private money often had to rebuild the forts for protection apparently.

You can see ancient graffiti carved in the walls, dating from around the mid 1700’s it is believed from the style of dress. Accurate details on the history of this fort/dungeon, including whether it was really ever used for holding prisoners is sketchy.

It is very overgrown, with a lot of garbage strewn around, but we found it a fascinating look back in time. You can certainly see different periods of building styles, and the entire flat area back in the bush there has many old foundations (perhaps 50 to 60) so at one time it was very substantial as a plantation. When we were there a couple of weeks ago (October of 2008) there were many survey markers throughout the bush.

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