2018 Grenada Charter Yacht Show!

Another 6 guest Catamaran I will be visiting at the 2018 Charter Yacht Show! I will update this post within the next few days with updates and new pics 🙂 

More Info on the Grenada Charter Yacht Show!

Xenia 50 at the 2016 Tortola yacht show! Xenia 50 at the 2016 Tortola yacht show!

Privilege Catamarans are known for their quality, sophisticated and luxurious high-end designs and comfort.

XENIA 50 was launched in 2015 and is beautifully decorated and outfitted to the highest standards. She offers three guest cabins each with a queen size berth, private bath with electric fresh water flush toilets, stall shower, and vanity.

There is plenty of lounge space in the cockpit, salon and top deck. Come sailing with XENIA 50 and enjoy the best of yachting.

3 glorious guest cabins, each with queen size berth, fresh water flush electric heads, stall showers. Salon seating for 6 guests for formal dining, seating for 6 guests for alfresco dining, top deck lounge and forward deck lounge areas. 13 opening ports plus salon door opens full 1.5m wide. The yacht is fully air-conditioned for clients comfort at all times.

Privilege Catamaran Xenia 50 - cabin Privilege Catamaran Xenia 50 – cabin

One of the first things you may notice when you are doing internet search for Privilege Catamaran Xenia is there are several of them, Xenia 50, Xenia 62 and Xenia 74. I wondered myself before I viewed them at the Tortola Yacht Show this November of 2015.

Simple. One owner. And he wants consistency in his small fleet. Great boats, high-end touches, lots of amenities, and enthusiasm in crews!

Xenia 50- SWAG Xenia 50- SWAG

I was impressed with ALL of them as you can see by my many pictures.

2018 Winter rates for Xenia 50

2 guests: $18000
4 guests: $19000
6 guests: $20000

Privilige Catamaran Xenia 50' - Table setting Privilige Catamaran Xenia 50′ – Table setting

Crew Profile on Xenia 50

The first question that we get asked is who is the Captain? Most recently it’s been Peter but Jade has also had her hand at skippering and is happy to let Pete take the reins, for now. When you get down to it when one is acting Captain, the other is Co-captain.

Jade’s sailing repertoire spans along the Pacific Coast from Vancouver Island to Costa Rica and the Atlantic shores of New England and the Eastern Caribbean on any kind of sailing vessel from tuna fishing boats to tall ships to Catamarans. Her preferred rig is her own 38ft Junk-rigged schooner that is currently being outfitted for a circumnavigation.

Peter literally cut his teeth on his family’s Morgan 27 and Morgan 40 on the tempestuous waters of the Great Lakes. Racing several evenings a week and 3 day long cross lake marathons are commonplace still in the Lech family, placing repeatedly top of their class and best overall. He brings his ease at the helm and 14 years of management experience to execute smooth vessel operations.

Privilige Catamaran Xenia 50' Jade and Peter Privilige Catamaran Xenia 50′ Jade and Peter

Another pleasant surprise comes when you discover that not only can we sail but we also are experienced chefs. Both have spent years creating culinary delights for the rich and the famous including Hollywood starlets and the President of the United States.

Pete applies his classic French training to local exotic ingredients and as a Sommelier pairs them with the best wines from around the world. Jade’s influence stems from her Asian-pacific upbringing with emphasis on fresh, health-conscious plates never lacking in rich flavors and originality.

Combining thousands of sailing hours and two successful careers in high-end service, it’s easy to conclude that with us as crew your yacht experience will be nothing less than world class.
Let us share our dream with you! — P & J

Here are the photos I took of 50′ Xenia at the 2016 Tortola yacht show. I will update pictures this within the next week or so 🙂

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