Charter Voyage with Emily Morgan!

Emily Morgan, named after the Yellow Rose of Texas, is a classic Bowman 57 sailing yacht. She was designed by Holman and Pye, who later designed many Oysters, and built by Southampton Boat Services in Hampshire, UK.

World ARC voyage
Emily Morgan

Update from the crew of Emily Morgan who are currently halfway through their world charter voyage!

“What a time we are having – the World ARC is truly proving to be a trip of a lifetime. As I write this we are in Fiji, just over half the world away from home, time and time again, we have thought “wow, it doesn’t get any better than this”, and then it does!

We have been privileged to visit some every unusual places that you cannot get to any other way apart from by private boat, The most extreme place was Suwarrow, one of the Cook islands, 500 miles away from anywhere, uninhabited apart from a couple of caretakers for 6 months of the year; it cast its spell on everyone.

We have visited tribal villages and experienced so many different cultures, eaten all sorts of local delicacies, bathed in waterfalls, snorkelled in crystal clear water with more fish than your average aquarium, seen amazing wildlife on land and sea, visited monuments both ancient and modern, and of course done a lot of sailing. The sailing has been downwind for 98% of the time which makes for relaxed passage making and we have been lucky to share the journey with some fantastic people who we look forward to seeing again.”

World ARC charter voyage dates

LEG 8. : 12. Aug 2018 – 13. Sep 2018 – Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Darwin, Lombok – 2550nm, 32 days : $4720
LEG 9. : 15. Sep 2018 – 18 Oct 2018 – Lombok, Christmas Island, Cocos Keeling, Mauritius – 3460nm, 33 days : $4720
LEG 10. : 24. Oct 2018 – 25 Nov 2018 – Mauritius, Reunion, Richard’s Bay, Cape Town – 2200nm, 32 days : $4720
LEG 11. : 8. Jan 2019 – 9. Feb 2019 – Cape Town, Saint Helena, Salvador (Brazil) – 3600nm, 32 days : $4720
LEG 12. : 17. Feb 2019 – 21. Mar 2019 – Salvador, Northeast Brazil, Grenada : 2300nm, 32 days : $4720
LEG 13. : 31. Mar 2019 – 14. Apr 2019 – Grenada, Saint Lucia – 120nm, 14 days : $1900

“We still have so many amazing places to see. After Fiji we are off to Vanuatu and a walk up a live volcano, then Australia and the Great Barrier Reef before heading over to Indonesia and across the Indian ocean (with a few stops) to South Africa. After South Africa we look forward to St Helena, another remote island, then Brazil for Carnival and back to the familiar waters of the Caribbean. The full itinerary can be found at
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Update from Emily Morgan
Update from a charter voyage aboard Emily Morgan