WHY NOT Yacht- San Blas Islands, Panama

Sample itinerary for Eleuthra 60 Fountaine Pajot offering 10% discount!

Why Not Yacht, San Blas Islands

WHY NOT is a lovely 2007 (2014 refit) Eleuthra 60 Fountaine Pajot who is heading south to the San Blas Islands and Panama area for charter. Franck & Joselia are your very capable and charming crew on board.

San Blas Islands on WHY NOT yacht

WHY NOT YACHT is still offering 10% discount if booked before June 15, 2015, yet you can take your trip at anytime excluding Christmas and New Years.

Below is a sample itinerary for what you can expect on you adventures aboard WHY NOT YACHT

The first step to your WHY NOT adventure is your arrival
– Your best way is to taken a small plane from Panama City airport to El Porvenir, a small air strip in the San Blas Islands.
– Another way is to contact a tour operator in Panama City who can bring you to the Golfo de San Blas by jeep. After which, you can take a water taxi to one of the islands. This trip will be a full day adventure.

* One should bear in mind that the San Blas islands are VERY VERY remote, therefore it will be impossible to change menu items as one could do in other destinations.

sanblasclothing Before the arrival of the missionaries the indians wore very little clothes, but decorated their
bodies with colorful designs, After the arrival of the missionaries they were encouraged to wear clothes
and they copied these designs in their Molas, which they wear as clothing.

Day 1, after arriving in El Povenir we go to Banedup Island (Eastern Lemon Cays).

 Like all islands you will be struck by its pristine beaches and local life style of the Kuni’s.  Activities
include swimming, snorkling, paddle boarding and walking around on the Island.

Second day: Waisaladup (Cayos Holandeses)


More pristine beaches, a picnic on the beach, snorkeling and maybe a siesta in a hammock.
BBQ Island (Cayos Holandeses)
Sailors and cruisers at times meet here to share experiences, enjoy the fabulous scenery and the
pristine beaches.

Isla Perro

Isla Perro
Isla Perro has a beautiful white sand beach, crystal clear water,  palm trees and small bar.  A
special attraction is to snorkel  around the shipwreck gunboat that lies around 50 meters in front
of the beach. The ship  is full of coral, plants and other sea life and one  can see small fish hiding
in the shipwreck and bigger fish hunting around it.

Banedub Island

Banedub Island

Island Banedub is marked with a skull of a cow head near the beach, but don’t let this sight scare
you away! Island Banedub has some cabins and a small bar with a campfire. The beach lies to the
south and is out of the current so you can bathe in calm waters. At night you will see illuminating
jellyfish and squid swimming around and this sight is truly magical!

Tiadub (Coco Banderas Cays)


The Coco Banderos Cays, which are known for being the most beautiful islands in all of San Blas.
There is a four‐mile reef that extends around this island group and because it is far out away
from the mainland and its rivers, these islands have some of the clearest waters.  

Cambodia Island
cambodia island

This is the last of the beautiful islands we see on the one week trip.  There is much more to be
seen.  If one takes a two week trip we can go all the way East and get an even better impression.  
Also going further East one sees practically no other boats and can think one has travelled back
in time.
Obviously, this is only a sample itinerary.  The crew will discuss the places they propose with you
and the alternatives so that your trip will be truly tailor made.

Contact us for more information or booking!