I was inquiring about rates for private water taxi’s for a group in January, and thought I would post the information for others looking for it.

These are the main two that I know about. Neither of them can pick up in Charlotte Amalie, but instead pick up in Red Hook. You can get a private taxi through the companies to Red Hook.

VI Water taxi.

water taxi

(used to be Per Dohm’s) is the standard, with great boats, and a long standing good reputation. Dolphin Shuttle is a relative newcomer on the scene.

Dolphin and VI Water Taxi have told me both that they are used to picking up guests and transfering them to the BVI or onto yachts from as late as the 430 flights into St thomas. Dolphin told me if they were late that Customs and Immigration would come back and open up for them in West End. I am sure there is a tipping situation involved.

Of course, costs, are not quite straight forward. I believe they all went to the airline school of pricing. Here is what I was told this week: (for going into West End)

VI Water Taxi:

$65. per person (minimum of 5 guests)

$25.00 one time fuel charge

$20.00 per person custom fees

$165. (private cab for ten guests from the airport to Red Hook)

Don’t forget crew gratuity. It will be automatically added.

Dolphin Shuttle:

$79. per person

$50.00 one time fuel surcharge

$35.00 per person custom fees (Waived for more then 8 guests)

$150. (Private cab for ten guests from the airport to Red Hook)

Tax of 5% ??

Don’t forget gratuities. Complimentary beer and water on board.

There you go, hope it helps if you don’t want to be bothered with the ferries! I love the convenience of just docking up to your yacht wherever it may be and just stepping on board.

Let me know if you know of more private transfer services