Just wanted to share a list of supplies needed for the Northern Caribbean post Hurricane Irma and Marla. This is a good reference for people chartering the Caribbean and want to help out the recovery effort! Most of these items are easy to carry in your checked luggage 🙂

Belline hurricane relief
Belline II hurricane relief

List of supplies needed in the Caribbean Post Hurricane! 

Water purifiers 

Batteries of all sorts

Non perishable food 

Tarps and Tents 

Baby products

1st aid and medical supplies

Sanitary/ feminine products

Toiletries of all types

Bug spray, nets


Flashlights, Headlamps 


Communication devices

Cleaning supplies 


Pet food and supplies 

Deworming med for parasites

Multi Vitamins

School supplies

Chocolate (For Smiles!)

Heavy duty contractor garbage bags

Heavy duty gloves

mosquito/larvae killer

Small plastic solar lights

unopened food, but best to buy on St thomas and bring over, like rice, cans of tuna etc

Sandy Spit- Post Hurricane Replanting
Sandy Spit- Post Hurricane Replanting

The Caribbean has made great progress in the recovery effort but needs supplies. The water is still as blue as before and the on land infrastructure repair has come a long way!

On your charter you’ll be on the water most of the time and won’t notice much damage. Booking a yacht charter is a great way to explore the Islands and escape the cold 🙂

Family Support Network for food donations

Virgin Islands Post Irma

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