St Thomas Kite Boarding School

*St Thomas Kite Boarding School Coming to you on your Charter Yacht!

1 St Thomas Kite Boarding School- Coming to you on your Charter YachtSt Thomas Kite Boarding School

Most charter yachts aren’t equipped with kite boarding gear and those that are usually aren’t able to teach you how to use it. That’s where St Thomas Kite School can help.

They will rendezvous with your clients during their vacation to teach them and their charter group to kiteboard. STTKS supplies all the gear. Their experienced instructor is PASA certified and fully insured. 

STTKS can arrange for kiteboarding lessons in the US. British or Spanish Virgin Islands. As soon as your guests decide they want to kite on their vacation, let STTKS know.

They will work with your guests and the yacht crew to determine how best to meet everyone’s goals. From a single lesson for one person to multiple days of kiteboarding for the whole group. STTKS will work with you to make it happen.

Great idea! As yes, some of the charter yachts do have gear on board (a very few!) but most of the ones I know say that you have to know how to use it yourself and they may provide support in the tender, however, cannot teach it nor take the liability.

Now you can add Kite Boarding onto ANY charter yacht you take throughout the Virgin Islands!

We will be happy to set it up along with your charter yacht!

Kite Boarding With Yacht Joy!