s/v Sea Of Love accommodates 8 guests and is available in the Virgin Islands year round. Their rate during winter is $9,500- $12,500 for winter. Xmas/New Years 4 guests: US$10,450, 6 guests: US$13,090, 8 guests: US$16,390. Inquire for Captain Only and Half Board options (Not available for holidays)

Sea Of Love

Sea of Love Charter Catamaran for up to 6-8 guests in the VIrgin Islands Sea of Love Charter Catamaran for up to 6-8 guests in the VIrgin Islands

When you charter the Sea of Love you can sail the way you dream about it! Consistent breeze, gorgeous beaches, incredible islands, and a wonderful crew to take care of EVERYTHING.

Sea Of Love, a 44ft Lagoon catamaran, built in 2006, is a luxurious catamaran offering many amenities for its charter guests. Ample deck space, beach games, scuba diving, snorkel gear, boarding ladder for swimmers, a 20hp dinghy and lots more…


Sea of Love crew Sea of Love crew

Captain Joe Cazana has been sailing for the past 35 years. He learned to sail in 1975 after not being able to sail back the rental hobie cat and then the next day capsizing the same.rental cat in the channel off Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. He thought lessons might be a good idea.

Soon after the lessons he began bareboat-chartering in the BVI. Much like most bare boaters we see today, he didn’t have all that much experience. However he was a quick learner, he always brought the boat back and never capsized again.

In 1985 he began diving in the BVI recognizing the beauty of this whole new world opening up underwater. He traveled all around the Caribbean exploring its beauty.

Carol began sailing in 1995 with several sailing clubs in the NYC area. As her passion for sailing grew, she bought her first sailboat a 1982 Dufour 35 ft monohull. along with her husband Capt. Joe Cazana. Together they sailed around the NY area, in the Hudson River and Long Island Sound. In 2006 she bought her 2nd boat, a 44 ft Lagoon catamaran for charter sailing in the BVI.

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