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Wildcat Too

power cat M/V Wildcat Too
Charter yacht M/V Wildcat Too

Wildcat Too is the first Leopard 51 available in the luxury charter yacht fleet and is the Flagship of the Leopard PowerCat line.

She is the ultimate all-inclusive Luxury Charter and has the ability to fill your week with the most wonderful experiences a charter yacht can offer. Dashing along the Caribbean Islands in tremendous luxury and with agile speed and style!



Wildcat Too crew

Growing up on the Gulf of Mexico, Captain Stehle realized his passion for for the ocean at young age. His grandfather was a world class sport fishing captain and outdoorsman. He learned his skills from his grandfather, and continued his love the of the outdoor and the ocean by becoming a master inshore and offshore fisherman. By the age of 12, Stehle was a certified Rescue Diver later becoming a Dive master. He is an accomplished spear fisherman.

Chef Kelly is widely regarded as the best chef, event coordinator, and bartender in the southeast where she has spent most of her career. She has bachelor degrees from Auburn University in sports science and nutrition. Kelly has spent the last 10 years in executive restaurant management and event planning. She is responsible for budgeting, planning, execution, employee training, food safety, and provisioning. She is the Alabama Bartender of the Year and winner of too many chef competitions to list. 

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