Catamaran Mango has put on a $500 discount for Honeymoon/ Anniversary charters. They are also offering $125 off for children 12 and under. Her year round regular inclusive rates are $8,500- $11,000 for 2-6 guests, deduct $150 per person for Half Board.

Catamaran Mango Charter yacht

Charter yacht Mango Charter yacht Mango

Catamaran Mango Virgin Islands. 6 pax catamaran

Kelly and Diane have been making trips down to the Virgin Islands with family for thirty years and more!

3 Catamaran Mango Charter Yacht. Virgin IslandsSnacks on board Yacht Mango Charter yacht!

In February 2013 they sold everything they owned, where they were living in Portland Oregon.

They made the leap to purchase Mango Charter yacht out of the TMM fleet to realize their dream of living and working full time in the islands.

They have spent many months reciting and upgrading the yacht. The cabins now feature their own controls for air conditioning with a 9 KW generator on board.


“Old Fashioned Homestyle French Caribbean with a Cordon Bleu Twist”

Dianne is a Cordon Bleu Chef who describes her food as

4 Mango Charter Yacht. Virgin IslandsKids macaroni on board yacht mango Charter yacht!

THAT sounds interesting!
They feel they are very flexible and can combine great food along with interesting food for the younger members of your group.

Recently their hot dog with macaroni and cheese won the prize for a children’s plate through Charterhouse Fleet awards!

They have a MANGO COCKTAIL specialty. Which makes sense. Here is a lovely spread that they put on for the charter yacht brokers at the Tortola Yacht Show this weekend.

They feel like they are particularly suited for many types of groups such as families, couples and singles who are either gay or a mixture of straight and gay. They do not prefer Hard party groups.

Toys on board include snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Diane and Kelly are new in the industry and are eager to be flexible and very enthusiastic about showing off what they can do.

They are semi retired so are looking forward to a pleasant schedule of relaxed chartering with at least 72 hours in between charters if not a week.

They can give each group the best of what they have and know.

They both seem very excited to be doing charters, it’s obviously this is something they have a passion for! In their own words here is what you can expect on board:

aaaaaaWhy Choose Mango

Their rate for the yacht is $10,500 which is all inclusive for 6 guests, 7 nights, except of course for premium bar and crew gratuity. They will be accepting charters year round in the British, US and Spanish Virgin Islands.

Since they are new in the industry they are thrilled to do simple overnight and day sails, anything they can do to show their love of the islands and of their yacht. Please inquire for details.

Thank you Kelly and Diane for showing me around your lovely yacht. I look forward to Guest inquiries on Charter Yacht Mango!

Video of charter yacht Mango!

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