More yacht offering scuba diving for LCCMF

I have some more yachts that you can SCUBA dive on from our Ultimate & Exclusive Pass Packages for the Love City Country Music Festival!

1 #SCUBA #H2OTrips #UltimateFAN # LCCMF #charteryachts SCUBA & Snorkeling at the Caves, Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

3 #SCUBA #H2OTrips #UltimateFAN # LCCMF #charteryachts Beautiful coral barely below the surface in the Virgin Islands for you to snorkel or SCUBA dive on!

4 #SCUBA #H2OTrips #UltimateFAN # LCCMF #charteryachts Pentesilea Charter Yacht

Pentesilea II: This 48′ catamaran can take up to 8 guests in our Exclusive Pass Packages Up to 3 dives included during the week. Includes SCUBA gear.

5 #SCUBA #H2OTrips #UltimateFAN # LCCMF #charteryachts Snorkeling with the Angelfish at the Indians in the British Virgin Islands

7 #SCUBA #H2OTrips #UltimateFAN # LCCMF #charteryachts Swimming with the Tarpon at White Bay on Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands

There you have it if you are looking to do some SCUBA diving while on board your LCCMF and Ultimate Fan Package in May of 2015, choose a yacht off of this page or off our page with SCUBA Instructors on board if you are not certified. ALL yachts will be able to show you the best spots to snorkel. All charter yachts will carry a good supply of masks, snorkels and fins on board. There is no need to bring them, unless you have a prescription mask or a particularly well fitting mask that you adore.

Contact us for more information or booking!