New charter yacht based in Antigua and also available in the Virgin Islands! 57′ Monohull XIMERA (pronounced Shimmerer) accommodates 6 guests in 3 beautiful guest cabins! The weekly inclusive rate for yacht Ximera is $14000-$16000 

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57′ monohull Ximera

XIMERA is a beautiful Hanse 575 that launched in 2014. Charter guests will embark on their sailing adventure in style and luxury. XIMERA is an ideal option for those who appreciate cruising in a high-performance sailing machine that is spacious and comfortable. Two Hanse 575s, XIMERA and SEASIDE, were among the faster boats to enjoy smooth crossings during the ARC this year. Even their seasoned crews were impressed.


57' monohull ximera crew

Captain William James Downing says, “I have sailed for over 40 years and am only truly at home in or on the water.” Although he was born and bred inland in Birmingham, the largest British city outside London, family vacations were spent at the seashore and he was sailing at just a few months old. When he was 10 years old he went to live with his Dad in Cornwall on a 30’ catamaran.

Michelle was raised in Yorkshire, and later Essex, England. As a youngster, she was passionate about playing the piano. She spent hours studying at home for the Royal School of Music graded exams and diploma, practicing on the keyboard and competing in festivals. Despite a busy schedule, this dedicated young musician also found time to be Captain of her hockey team. She went on to achieve her degree in Humanities with Music and to teach at a London school.

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