Lagoon 500 catamaran accommodates up to 6 guests (or 7-8 for families with children). 3 guest cabins with queen sized beds and 1 cabin with bunk beds. The professional crew of 2 includes a skipper/ dive instructor and a chef/hostess that work hard to make your sailing adventure exceptional and unforgettable. This SCUBA yacht is available for $15,800.00 to $17,800.00 year round!

Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone at the 2016 Tortola yacht show! Sea Anemone at the 2016 Tortola yacht show!

Indulge the Caribbean breeze as you explore magical coves, exclusive beaches, and breathtaking sunsets onboard your own floating private hotel.

Boasting a 50ft length and 28ft beam, our sailing catamaran is a very spacious and stable vessel. Modern and extremely comfortable, Sea Anemone has a large saloon with all the comforts of home and luxury cabins with en suite bathrooms.

They have recently installed electric freshwater heads in the en-suites of the 3 guest cabins. On the exterior of the vessel, they have re-finished all of the teak and also purchased some additional seats/cushions for the bow of the boat.

At the rear of the vessel, they now have the largest BBQ sold by Magma, the Manta Ray! Also, they have added some additional filters and a drinking tap in the cockpit so the Sea Anemone now uses no plastic bottles 🙂

Elizabeth has been getting five star reviews on her food and has also made some recent additions to our menu. Not only have her home made crab cakes been leaving a mouth-watering taste, the tossed Asian salad with teriyaki glazed Mahi is absolutely exquisite!


Your crew for Sea Anemone! Your crew for Sea Anemone!

Capt. Ben Humphrey

Originally born in England, his love for the Ocean was soon discovered after his father spent 2 years building a 30ft boat in the backyard!

Memories from early childhood consist of catching crabs and jellyfish at the dock, numerous crossings of the English Channel to France, and the eel that somehow found its way down his life jacket!

Teenage years were spent growing up within the freshwater Great Lakes in Canada. Everything revolved around the water; not only for entertainment but the boat was also transportation before being of age to drive a car!

Stewardess/Cook: Elizabeth Novikova

Born in the Ukraine, Elizabeth grew up in a beautiful area on the Crimean Peninsula surrounded by the Black Sea. After graduating from University with an English degree, she got a job in the hotel industry in Thailand.

She loves working with people, learning new cultures/cuisine, and new languages. With a passion for cooking, she loves to take the freshest ingredients and bring you chef inspired cuisine from around the world.

Here are the pictures I took of Sea Anemone at the 2016 Tortola yacht Show 🙂