Lagoon Charter Yacht NANA

Everywhere I look this year we see new Lagoons! It makes a nice change for the first hundred after looking at Leopards for years. I pretty much know what a Lagoon Looks like now.

2 Lagoon Charter Yacht NANA- my visit at Tortola. BVI this week Charter yacht Nana

It was nice to be invited over to NANA for a cocktail afternoon this week. Marc had invited me on board for the Antigua Yacht show which I could not make. As it turned out, neither did they because of weather!

NANA will be chartering throughout the Caribbean until toward the end of April. Then it will go back across the pond to Spain and be available out of Mallorca for the summer months.

Here in the Caribbean for winter, her rates are fully inclusive (besides bar down island and crew gratuity) and she will take 8 guests, between 13 and 20 thousand for 7 nights. In the Western Med she will take 6 guests and like most yachts, her rate of around $14,000 is then plus all expenses.

1 Lagoon Charter Yacht NANA- my visit at Tortola. BVI this week Charter Yacht Nana- Tortola- Dec 12

Although not a dive boat at all, Nana is one of the few yachts that will allow independent diving on board if you are certified and qualified, along with signing a liability waiver release 🙂 It is nice to see one of the nicer yachts allow this. Very few do.

Marc is also quite keen on surfing and will gladly help guests rent surfboards and take them surfing when the swell is up locally. Another keen interest is fishing, anything from small fish and if the seas are flat he would love to take you 20 miles off shore and see if you can find some Tuna or Marlin!

To sum up:

Brand new fully equipped Lagoon 500.
Excellent cullinary experience.

Complete deep wáter fishing gear. Possibility of going deep water fishing
Experienced, Young and motivated international crew.
Lagoons are spacious inside with tons of volume. They remind me of condo’s on the water. Nana still has lots of good availability this winter in the Caribbean. I am sure it is a lot warmer here then where you are 🙂