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Levi Lowrey on TOUR, levi tour Levi Lowrey on TOUR

I have had the absolute pleasure of not only spending a night visiting with my friends Levi and Stephanie Lowrey at my home in California this week, which is a long way from where they are in Dacula, Georgia but also attending two private shows with Levi playing and singing and also planning on attending a third show this coming weekend in Southern California.

Last Saturdays show in Woodland California was pot luck, and we are still eating left over ham and potato salad to this day. Last nights show in Garden Grove features Denny’s Carne Astada with macaroni salad, creamed corn and pretzel buns. The food was as good as you imagine it would be. The Show by Levi Lowrey was even better.

I had suggested and between his wife and I we had came up with a list of 42 songs that he could play. Imagine my disappointment when I did not get all of them..although he said that a few of them were only good for a smoky bar room at midnight, not the vestibule of a church at 7 PM!

I had uploaded Levi’s entire show last night on VIMEO in 6 parts, including a song which has never been played before live, Young and Free. Take a listen to Levi Tour Music and see if you like it

Levi Lowrey’s new record MY CRAZY HEAD just came out a couple weeks ago. Levi Lowrey’s record cannot be purchased through Itunes, or anywhere, but by signing a record deal with him for $99.  – See more at: https://h2otrips.com/blog/levi-lowrey-record-available/#sthash.sEn9cgOQ.dpuf

We have the pleasure and thrill of having Levi Lowrey on the Levi Tour join us for a week sailing in the Virgin Islands along with Travis Meadows and Whiskey Jack in conjunction with the Love City Country Music Festival this May!

Check out the shows available in Phoenix and Wichita over the next couple weeks.

Levi Lowrey Spring Tour Schedule. levi tour Levi Lowrey Spring Tour Schedule

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