Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss

Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss  is a boss for charters both in the Bahamas in the summer season and the Virgin Islands in the winter! She can do 18 knots. Unlikely however that you will be doing that chartering through the Virgin Islands unless you need to get around to all the islands in a day!

Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss- Sunbathe all day!
Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss- Sunbathe all day!

Sea Boss, an award winning Horizon 60 power catamaran, is a custom built, luxurious blue water cruising yacht with a captain and gourmet chef. Her sleek, modern clean lines ensure timeless beauty and will turn heads at every dock she visits. Sea Boss has 3 staterooms and can accommodate up to 6 guests and features an enormous full-beam master suite. Her highly refined and tank tested hull design make for a remarkably smooth, soft and stable ride, regardless of the sea conditions.

Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss  The CREW

“Darrel grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he spent his time prowling the suburban jungles and raising his pet lion, Chaos. He also managed to actually finish school, and holds degrees in actuarial science, accounting and company law, as well as being a lieutenant in the South African National Defense Force.
In 2003 he decided to sell his house, quit the rat race, and go to sea. He moved to Cape Town in South Africa, to upgrade his sailing qualifications. After several months of sailing some of the roughest waters on the planet, he finished his qualifications, and holds a commercially-endorsed Royal Yachting Association Yachtmaster Ocean Skipper’s ticket.

He has extensive sailing experience throughout the Caribbean, and knows where to find the best bars on most islands; essential knowledge for a charter-boat captain. His sailing adventures have taken him from sailing the Eastern US coastline, all the way through the Caribbean chain, and down to Venezuela and Columbia. In his travels he has swum with dolphins, had a 40-foot humpback whale breach right next to (and almost land on) his boat, and sailed through a hurricane. He is keen to experience two of these three things again. He is an experienced and seasoned sailor, with over 35,000 nautical miles in his log book on multiple yacht types. Darrel is a keen water sports fan, and loves to water-ski, wakeboard, kite board and dive. He loves any excuse to get out on the water, and would be more than happy to get involved with any of the water-sport activities offered on the boat. Or any games, really he is a child at heart and loves to play.

Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss Chef Jenn and Captain Darrel
Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss Chef Jenn and Captain Darrel

Jenn grew up in Canada (in a well-known haunted house, no less!) but has strong family ties in the islands. She has been visiting the British Virgin Islands for the past twenty years, and took the leap two years ago to move here and become a local. This has worked out well for all concerned, as she brings on board her considerable experience and skill in the industry.
Jenn comes from a family of chefs, and has worked in the hospitality industry for many years. Her experience comes from both formal training and hands-on learning. In addition to her delicious culinary creations, she also boasts some mean mixologist skills, and there is an ongoing contest on board as to who mixes the best drinks thus far Jenns Mai Thai leads the polls, with Darrels margarita a close second. Either way, the guests win.
Jenn is a versatile chef, and works closely with guests in coming up with a charter menu tailored to their preferences and any dietary restrictions. She is a big fan of using locally-grown foodstuffs, and tries as far as possible to incorporate a farm-to-table approach in her cooking. This includes a liaison with a local organic farmer while on charter and a meal designed to feature the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Jenn’s cuisine style is globally diverse, she has some amazing contacts and local suppliers down here that assist in this, and strives to incorporate healthy wholesome nutrition in her delicious meals.
A keen surfer and beach bum, Jenns love of the water and the island life are a perfect fit for the charter lifestyle, and her warm and caring nature makes her everyones favorite crew member. She is a warm, genuine, friendly soul, and we are very happy to have her on board as part of our team.”


Horion Power Catamaran Sea Boss THE FOOD

They say that pictures tell a thousand tales. Feast your eyes on the gourmet meals that Jenn provides on board Sea Boss!

Horizon Power Catamaran Sea Boss- The DETAILS

Want some more technical details? Here you go!
Sea Boss includes 2 hours of engine use per day in the charter rates, which range between $28,500 and $30,500 for up to 6 guests for 7 nights fully crewed and inclusive on board.
Sea Boss just spent several weeks in the spring of 2017 in Florida doing some upgrades… Including new interior touches such as beautiful artwork in the salon and VIP cabin, SONOS music player (guests love it!), amazing illuminated Sea Boss stern sign, underwater filtered lights, bow cushions, kayak, relaxation station and more fishing gear for all the fishing fanatics… just to name a few!

We are also pleased to announce a special for week long charters occuring from NOW until the beginning of November 2017. We can take 10% off the inclusive rates above, which makes a fully crewed and inclusive 7 night charter between $25650 and $27,450!
Sea Boss with Jenn and Darrell will be open and available for charters throughout the summer in the British Virgin Islands.

Information on Sea Boss Catamaran.

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