H2O Trips SWAG for Love City Country Music Fest

TRUWEST in Huntington Beach, California

TruWest-Gary Westwell TruWest-Gary Westwell

I have to give a shout out to Truwest in Huntington Beach California! I love it when I can shop local…not only is Gary (President of Truwest) a huge fan of Wheeland Brothers and promotes all things Orange Count Jamming he is also eager to help out and put his passion for life and music into his work. I feel like I have known him for years, not just a month. Not only that I have managed to talk Gary into being a host for me at a special event we are having during our Ultimate Fan Sailing Trip in the Virgin Islands next month. It is a win/win relationship all the way around.

Gary put together some FABULOUS beach towels for me, personalized for each of our Ultimate Fans! I hope they are as excited to get them as we were to make them! We however, cannot take credit for the logo, that was all the work of Patrick Aprea, a good Singer Songwriter in his own right as well as a Graphic Designer.

H2O Trips Ultimate Fan Beach Towels H2O Trips Ultimate Fan Beach Towels

Gary and Truwest also designed and printed by sublimation ( it is my new fancy word of the week folks) these great personalized coozies we have for our H2O Trips Swag too! They are adjustable. You can fit any size of can or bottle.

Adjustable H2O Trips Ultimate Fan Coozies Adjustable H2O Trips Ultimate Fan Coozies

Along with my friend Laila, we went over for a personal tour of the factory. And of course I felt like a kid in a candy store and came out ordering more then I intended too. It is very helpful to LOOK at things in person as opposed to just on the web, you get a much better feel.

Gary may be, lets say, in his prime, but he SKATEBOARDS to his sandwich shop every day for lunch. We chose to walk. I would kill myself on a skateboard pretty darn quick!
IMG_7819 out to lunch we go

We were pleased with the bounty we picked up! And we have more to come tomorrow. Yes, things that I saw when I was in there and HAD to have…
TruWest, hauling our treasure away like pirates TruWest, hauling our treasure away like pirates

So, next time you need some SWAG or logo swim wear, rash guards, polo hats, and the list goes on. Go see see Gary at Truwest and tell him I sent you!
Paddle for the Cure Paddle for the Cure

Check out Gary’s other Passion: The Orange County Jam Band Society and Never grow up!