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Catamaran Charter Review Virgin Islands Catsy 62′

Catamaran Charter Review Virgin Islands Catsy 62′

Welcome aboard Catsy, a luxury charter catamaran designed and built in 2008 by Sunreef. Catsy features satellite TV and an active crew, which will allow guests to be either busy or not! I was on board this yacht both in November of 2016 and May of 2017, and had guests out March of 2017 as well.

Catamaran Charter Review of Catsy, Sunreef 62' Virgin Islands
Catamaran Charter Review of Catsy, Sunreef 62′ Virgin Islands on the dock at Nanny Cay Marina on Tortola, British Virgin Islands

“Sunreef Catamaran CATSY is a study in modern naval architecture, combining the necessities of both guest comforts and quality sailing. Comfortable for up to 8 guests, CATSY’s guests accommodations include two aft Queen berth guest suites, and two forward double berth guest suites.”

Catamaran Charter Review Virgin Islands Catsy 62′

“Michael and Jennifer’s love for sailing began off the Southern Coast of California. They spent their summer vacations at Catalina Island, which consisted of ocean kayak camping in remote coves until a fate full summer where Michael took ASA courses to allow them to bareboat charter. Since then they have done whatever they could to get onto yachts, which later lead to Michael becoming a captain through the USCG.

Your crew MIcheal and Jennifer aboard Catsy Sunreef Catamaran!
Your crew Michael and Jennifer aboard Catsy Sunreef Catamaran!

Jennifer and Michael have been married for 12 years and find themselves happiest when their experience can be shared with others. Their hobbies and interests are naturally linked to the outdoors. Some of their most favored pursuits are backpacking, fishing, clamming, snowboarding, surfing, brewing beer/cider/mead, scuba diving, boatbuilding, free diving, and spearfishing. They also remodeled a 1955 ranch in Portland for 10 years from the ground up without help from contractors, which they sold to herald in their new adventure chartering in the Caribbean.”

This crew definitely has a fun quirky side which I think is fabulous. I caught Michael at the spring yacht show in Tortola pretending to be Jennifer as she was out on a charter being an emergency chef for a fellow charter yacht.

One aspect I found interesting on Catsy, is Michael was up front about what they will spend for a charter for the bar. The goal post on the bar that is included on the charter yachts has changed over the years, with the charter brokers often being left to “guess” what the yacht included. Catsy bar budget is 5% of the charter fee.  As Michael was channeling his inner Jennifer at May boat show making cookies for brokers coming on board, I cornered him and asked him to tell me about the bar 🙂 Poor guy, but he handled it with aplomb here as you can see in my video below.

You can click the gears on the video to watch it in higher quality, which I suggest if you have fast enough internet!


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Catamaran Catsy’s 7 night fully crewed and inclusive rates in the Virgin Islands for between 2 and 8 guests range from $21,000 to $26,000. They offer a $250 discount for children under the age of 11. 
Technical details for Catamaran Catsy

Thank you Michael for being such a good sport at the yacht show. 
This yacht would appeal for a variety of groups. Families, Couples, Foodies, Special Diets, AND as an added bonus Catsy has DIRECTV on board for those who just cannot totally unplug or need to watch the football or baseball games while chartering the islands!

We just had a group come back from Sailing with Michael and Jennifer on Sunreef Catamaran Catsy. What a fabulous review! Perfect for your family vacation! One thing I was particularly impressed with is that Michael and Jennifer, knowing they could not get the guests request for wine in the Virgin Islands, just happened to be traveling down from a vacation in the US mainland just before the charter and picked up the requests going through the airports on the way back down. THAT is good service 🙂

Catamaran Charter Review 62' Sunreef Catsy- Chartering in the Virgin Islands
Catamaran Charter Review 62′ Sunreef Catsy- Chartering in the Virgin Islands

“Mike and Jennifer were unbelievable.
My family and I have been fortunate to travel and have many great 5 star experiences
both inside and outside the US. As you might imagine, with four teenagers
it is rare that everyone likes the same thing at the same level.
All six of us agreed that this would be the best trip we have ever experienced.
5 star accommodations, 5 star + food, 5 Star service, and a 6 star experience.
I would recommend Mike and Jennifer at the highest possible levels on all elements.”
Brad D- Atlanta- April 2017

New Crew!

Jannas and Carolina of yacht Catsy!
Jannas and Carolina of yacht Catsy!

Jannas and Carolina have 10 years of hospitality & service experience combined and bring a fresh energetic vibrance to the mix in the Virgin Islands.
The BVI allows Jannas and Carolina to explore the amazing array of sports here and thereby being able to offer the same level of adventure to their guests in the incredibly dynamic tourquise waters of the BVI

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I personally ran a 10 passenger charter yacht in the British Virgin Islands for 20 years and did over 500 charters. This coupled with the fact that I have personally stepped  aboard each of the several hundred yachts that I represent  and inspected the vessel as well as  quizzed the crews makes my help to you unconditionally qualified to be up to date, informed and unbiased. Many in our industry simply rely on information that they have gotten from either the internet or from our other “trade” sources. I am here for the express purpose of finding the correct match for you and your family’s needs. What I tell or show you is what I have recently seen or personally photographed myself. I do not rely upon information and pictures from 5 year old brochures.  Our service is completely free to you and there is absolutely no obligations to book through us. Please let me help make your vacation the vacation of a lifetime, after all, yachting IS our world.

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