Bonaire & Curaco Charter Yacht: Domicil

Domicil is a 85′ SRF Holland and  caters for 4 guests max in absolute luxury and style while sailing down wind from Bonaire to Klein Curaçao and Curaçao.

1 Bonaire & Curaco Charter Yacht: Domicil, based year round, 4 guests Salon on Charter Yacht Domicil sailing out of Bonaire and Curaco

This is a great new chartering option in the Bonaire, Curaco Region. Domicil has put in moorings around the island of Bonaire to use and that is a wonderful thing.

I remember the one charter we did there on our charter yacht where we spent the entire week circling the yacht around waiting to pick up guests as there were NO mooring balls around the islands that were large enough for us and a no anchoring ban to protect the coral. Hence, we had to go back each evening to moor off the main town.

We viewed this yacht and crew at the Antigua Yacht Show early this December, and when my laptop comes back from the repair shop I have some great pictures to show you! We were impressed and look forward to booking charters on Domicil.

2 Bonaire & Curaco Charter Yacht: Domicil, based year round, 4 guests Domicil Charter Yacht. Bonaire and Curaco. Holland 85′. 4 guests max

Imagine your self on a beautiful yacht, surrounded by crystal clear water, smoothly sailing along the coast…..

You can see the white beaches, the waving palm trees…Domicil is about to drop the anchor in a secluded bay where you will take a dive in the refreshing water and snorkel the reef.
But there is more!

On the next leg you sail along the coast with the famous colonial architecture of Curacao. The pastel colored houses all on the UNESCO Heritage list.

3 Bonaire & Curaco Charter Yacht: Domicil. based year round. 4 guestsDining on the decks of the Charter Yacht Domicil

In the evening you enjoy alfresco dining on the aft deck complimented by fine wines.
While you sip your glass you wish that life could be always like this…

5 Bonaire & Curaco Charter Yacht: Domicil, based year round, 4 guests Chef in the galley on Sailing Yacht Domicil Curaco

Aren’t you lucky…tomorrow is another day aboard Sailing Yacht Domicil!

For suggested stops visit the Domicil Website…

6 Bonaire & Curaco Charter Yacht: Domicil, based year round, 4 guests Map of Bonaire and Curaco from Domicil Sailing Yacht Voyages

Curaçao offers so much more on top of the well known Caribbean flavors.

– Bonaire & Curaçao offer some of the worlds best diving

– Over 400 sites in Curacao are on the UNESCO Heritage list

7 Bonaire & Curaco Charter Yacht: Domicil, based year round, 4 guestsAerial view of Bonaire, from Charter Yacht Domicil

– Bonaire and Curaçao are only 2.5 hours from Miami, American Airlines flies twice daily

– There are also non stop flights from Amsterdam (daily) and Dusseldorf (weekly)

– Domicil offers a rendezvous submarine for 4 persons that can take you down 1000 ft!

Bonaire & Curaçao is below the hurricane belt and offer a 365 day charter agenda with no worry for weather cancellations!

– No killing VAT but a modest 7% government tax

8 Bonaire & Curaco Charter Yacht: Domicil, based year round, 4 guestsDomicil Charter Yacht. Salon. Chartering out of Bonaire and Curaco

– Domicil offers attractive introduction rates: $19.500.- Caribbean terms (4 guests for 7 nights. 2 guests is $17,500

Itinerary 1: Offers a 7 night charter from Bonaire to Klein Curacao and Curacao.

Itinerary 2: Adds a 3 night addition: one extra day in Bonaire and 2 days on the Aves Islands.

This charter is offered at US$ 24.900- (4 guests) or US$ 22.500- (2 guests)

The Aves (bird) Islands are uninhabited islands (just a coast guard station) about 18 miles east of Bonaire.

These Islands offer unparalleled Caribbean beauty, great snorkeling and not to forget the birds!

Contact us for more information or booking 🙂