Crewed Charter Yacht Show Recap

How do we know the yachts that we present to you for chartering? One of the main ways is by attending the Crewed charter yacht shows that are industry only set up for us to view the yacht.

In the past year, I attended 6 of these charter yacht shows. 3 of them were in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, 1 in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, 1 in Antigua and 1 in Fort Lauderdale.

1 Crewed Charter Yachts & Yacht Charter Brokers.rain at Antigua Yacht show, 2013

A few of the shows are very large, you have only a few days to get through up to seeing about 70 charter yachts. Clearly an impossibility unless you have lots of help.

It can either be stifling hot on the docks or pouring rain, as the shows are held in low season periods. None the less, it is a privilege to be able to attend these shows and once you have been to a few, you can sort out the charter yachts that you want to see by priority.

If a yacht is brand new into the private charter fleet, they are at the top of your list, if they have new crew or have announced major upgrades, then you also move them up the list.

2 Crewed Charter Yachts & Yacht Charter Brokers.Xenia Privilege 62′ Charter Sailing Catamaran

I love the small shows, and although it does cost more in transportation, time and hotels to attend more frequent smaller shows, I find the smaller shows are much better for me in terms of research and viewing.

The charter yacht show on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands in Mid May 2014 had approximately 21 boats to view at it. At least half of these yachts were boats that were new to the fleet or I had never been on before.

With this small number and two days to view them I made it to all besides 2 of the yachts, which was a great success.
The weather was perfect and the show was well arranged by Dick Schoonover by CharterportBVI (one of the local yacht clearinghouses).

I had the chance to have lunch on two top Charter Yachts, Motor Yacht Freedom and Sailing Catamaran Akasha, and I understand many danced the night away at cocktail parties put on by the yachts. After a full days viewing of yachts though, the only think I want is a shower, and quiet time to go over the notes I jotted down during the day and sleep to be ready for the next day.

4 Crewed Charter Yachts & Yacht Charter Brokers.Lunch on Akasha for yacht charter brokers, May 2014 charter yacht show

It was a great opportunity to meet others in the industry and discuss trends, get advice and network. Even though most of us are Independent we do work together in many ways.

I have spent the last couple weeks putting up blog entries on the charter yachts I viewed at the May 2014 show, this short video with an overview marks the end 🙂

5 Crewed Charter Yachts & Yacht Charter Brokers.The view out of your main deck stateroom on Crewed Charter Yacht Akasha

Please ask me about these or any other yachts for information, I am happy to give you my honest opinion on what I have seen onboard.

To all the yachts at the show, I thank you for putting the effort and so graciously hosting us.

Here’s a video I put together from the Spring 2014 BVI Boat Show