All inclusive vacation charter with the Love City Country Music Festival.

But what if I just want to take an all inclusive vacation on a yacht in the Virgin Islands, perhaps go to 1 or both days of the Love City Country Music Festival, but not do all the other stuff that either the H2O Trips Exclusive Pass or the Ultimate Fan Package gets you.
Well thats simple, we have select boats that may not participate in all the other festivities. Some are available by the cabin,

They will still be taking you on a week long vacation cruising the virgin islands.
They will be going to both festival days.
They will be going to the soggy dollar beach party.
You will be going to the BBQ dinner at Foxy’s with Levi Lowrey and Travis Meadows playing after dinner.
A 2 day pass to the Love City Country Music festival per person is included and the swag that comes with the tickets.
Large tender access will be available to you to ferry you to and from the festival.
and a H2O Trips representative at the festival to help you out.

This will keep the price per person down some, It may still look to be a hefty whack but I can guarantee you that It will be by far cheaper than renting a hotel in the islands, then paying for restaurants, drinks, a rental car, festival tickets etc.
Then on top of that, with a charter yacht vacation, not only is everything except (gratuity and scuba diving) included, you also have access to much quieter beaches, snorkeling, water sports and so much more.

The following is a list of the boats set up for those wanting the “festival Only” experience. If however you see another boat either within our Love City Country Music Festival pages or directly from our H2O Trips search engine that you are interested in, that does not have a festival only price then please contact us and we can price that particular yacht for you. These other yachts though, will only be available as a whole boat booking.



Mango is available for $12,225.00 for the full 6 passenger booking. Or $4,3075.00 for a cabin of 2. Thats as little as $291 per person per day!

Contact us for more information or booking!

Guiding Light.
Guiding light is a “captain only” yacht. That is, its like renting a bus with a driver. He will drive the boat, Make sure your safe, co ordinate all you need to do enjoy a fun filled vacation, hitting the spots you want to hit and make sure you do not miss the festival. It is however up to you to provision the yacht and cook your own meals. You will also be responsible for the fuel cost for the week. This is an ideal choice for those who either want to do a lot of meals at restaurants, or are looking for a vacation that is not 5 star full service vacation and are happy to make sandwiches for lunch instead of a crew making a gourmet lunch and breakfast each day. This yacht is available for $7100 for the week for 3 cabins, 6 people or $169 per person per day. Do remember though that as captain only this only gets you the yacht and captain and entry to the festival, foxys BBq with Levi and Travis, and the soggy dollar beach party.
Food, fuel, and booze is on top (and gratuity to the captain).

Contact us for more information or booking!

Nadiya Charter Catamaran
Nadiya is a fully inclusive Festival only yacht. She takes 6 guests in 3 cabins. The whole boat is available for $15,112. or on a per cabin basis at $5,337. per cabin.