Knot Anchored Catamaran Review!

This is a catamaran review for a charter we booked with yacht Knot Anchored!

This group was originally supposed to be on Nadiya, which was not ready after the hurricanes in time for this charter so the crew, Matt and Colleen did the charter on this yacht

Catamaran review for Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands

Knot Anchored is a very nice and capable vessel. It’s condition while a little worn from the storm is very nice and an incredibly comfortable boat. While there were glitches along the way, I’m a boat owner and the key to each of those were having a crew who could deal with them without it affecting our experience.

The VI’s……they are coming back with a vengeance. Please urge your clients to book their trips and get down there with their money. While the devastation was all around us it was clear that it is coming back even stronger. The crazy and a little sad part was how not busy things were. Now is the time, get on a boat and go. Credit cards most places and plenty of places to visit.

Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Cockpit area
Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Cockpit area. Catamaran review 

Pre-Trip – Clearly I’m a longwinded guy and have no problem with sending emails or making my wishes known. Both Colleen and Matt had the option of pushing this aside or taking it for what it was and then finding a way to fit our needs inside of what they normally do. Instead they shot back, asked questions and for the first time they sent the attached (which was a day by day menu and bar list). I can tell you that being responsible for two other couples happiness this was just awesome. Funny story, I have no idea if they followed it. Never looked at it again and just knew that they understood us. It was clear immediately and kicked off the party right.
They also didn’t allow this first impression cloud their judgement when it came to the trip. We laughed about it later but they treated us like family. While I was originally a little bit of a pain in the ass, I think once they got to know us they were able to enjoy it with us.

Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Saloon
Virgin Islands Inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored Saloon

Food – All I have to say is I would follow Matt anywhere he is cooking. It wouldn’t take long until I would be way to fat to follow him anywhere but in the meantime I would suggest sending any food person to follow this guy. His experience and skills are amazing. I can’t say enough about what he was able to do on this boat.
Please make note of one huge thing. Colleen and Matt had been on this boat for a total of 24 hours before picking us up. As you can imagine this is quite a feat to pick up a boat and still provide that level of service.
Day 1, one of our passengers started dealing with sea sickness. From wristbands to firing up engines to making ginger tea the crew made her feel at home.

Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, Guest Cabin
Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, Guest Cabin

Day 2, we purposely stopped and docked the boats with the plan on getting water. Unfortunately the water system was broken. The next morning (and I am NOT kidding) I watched Colleen rummage up a 5 gallon water bottle and her and Matt took turns walking a quarter mile or better to fill that water bottle 20 times to top off our tanks before heading out to Annagada. Not because we had to have water but because they knew it was an opportunity and why let it go to waste.
Day 3 the head in my bathroom started shooting out brown water from the pump and sloshing around on the floor. Naturally not being on “their” boat they had no idea when that could be fixed. Their answer was while we were on shore to have Matt spend four hours taking my head apart, then his head apart and switching my “shitty” parts for his working parts. A day later while going through lockers they found replacement parts and Matt got to do the job again so they had a working head.
The very next day our shower sump became inoperable. Matt was busy cooking something unbelievable so it was Colleen who took the system apart and fixed the system.
They guys were always a team, always together, and always positive.

At almost every stop they took their time to help us. At the baths Colleen worked as a tour guide. At most snorkel stops somebody was always in the dinghy giving advice, safety, and a ride back.
I can’t think of a single request we had that the answer wasn’t……..absolutely.

Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands inclusive catamaran Knot Anchored, on the docks at Village Cay Marina in the Virgin Islands

These stories can go on and on. A joke only they understand is the group of people we toured with are not shy nor quiet. We love to argue and we did. Starting with an hour over whether Billy Joel or Elton John was better and finishing with an argument over ranking Matt’s meals. (this was never agreed upon, everybody had a favorite – the funny part is whatever our lowest ranked item was we would eat again today in a heartbeat… was that good.) We are a group that loves to analyze customer service (as we live it everyday). At the end of the week……we simply have nothing to say. And that is just unbelievable. When Colleen asked for recommendations for things the boat needed…….the best we came up with was bathmats….

In conclusion, the wait at the airport gave us an opportunity to sit back and reflect. The most apt point made was from Brandon who said, “the weirdest point of this entire trip, is we just spent a week of our lives getting to know these awesome people, and when it was all done we hugged and said goodbye and we may never see them again.” While his point is very true, I don’t agree……I don’t know when but I can’t imagine returning to the VI’s without being on a boat with these two people.

Catamaran Review
Catamaran Review

Thanks for all you did to make this happen. Watch where this crew go, no matter where they land rest assured it is a home run for you and your clients.

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